News Seminar Peru 2019

Peruvian agro-exports would reach US $ 7,500 billion at the end of 2019
Peruvian agro-exports would reach 7,500 billion dollars this year if the upward trend continues, after they totaled 5,787 billion dollars between January and October, he indicated [...]
Peru for the world: avocados, grapes and blueberries are the most demanded in agro-export
Avocado leads the ranking of the main Peruvian agro-export products by registering shipments for 730 million dollars between January and September 2019. This represents the 17th [...]
Sealand: New logistics solutions facilitate Peruvian blueberry exports
Blueberry production grew at an average annual rate of 206% between 2012 and 2018. The Maersk group company adapts new end-to-end logistics solutions, which provides [...]
Peruvian blueberry company opens operations in Mexico
The genetic developer, producer and exporter of blueberries Inka's Berries has just opened operations in Mexico, in partnership with a local businessman from the pharmaceutical sector, Carlos told Día1 [...]
Peruvian export of blueberries grew 72% in the first half of the year
During the first half of the year, Camposol SA became the main Peruvian blueberry exporter with placements worth US $ 26.160.000. The 'Top 5' [...]
Peruvian export of blueberries will grow 60.2% during the 2019
A study by the consulting firm Maximixe revealed that blueberry exports this year would grow by 60.2%, reaching US $ 885 million. This will be due to higher shipments to markets [...]
At the Lima Seminar, the Peruvian blueberry industry ratified its willingness to lead the world market
In a meeting of great fraternity between Peruvian producers and exporters with their Chilean counterparts, and from different Latin American countries, as well as European and North American representatives of dozens of companies [...]
Bayer and Hortifrut unite in the handling of phytosanitary products
The German company Bayer signed an agreement with the leading blueberry company, Hortifrut, which aims to develop a project on the management of phytosanitary products in these [...]
Cranberries: X-ray of the crop whose production grows 206% annually in Peru
The production of blueberries in Peru grew at an average annual rate of 206% between 2012 and 2018. Only last year, the production of this fruit registered [...]