Chile 2022 Seminar

The director of INIA, Dr. Iris Lobos, gives her vision on the role of the institution in the future of Chilean agriculture
In her first event with farmers' unions, the newly appointed authority attended the XVIII International Seminar on Blueberries Chile 2022, where she delivered welcoming remarks to the meeting.
With great participation of the Minister of Agriculture of Chile, the XVIII International Seminar on Blueberries began in Monticello
There are many high points, so it is difficult to choose what to highlight from the blueberry industry gathering that is taking place at the XVIII International Blueberry Seminar at the Monticello Conference Center.
With great support from the public and private world, a reunion of the blueberry industry begins in Chile
It is interesting to point out that for the first time the highest authorities of Agriculture participate in a meeting of the blueberry industry, which is received as great support for an industry that has done things well.
Minister of Agriculture and Director of INIA will give the meeting of the blueberry industry in Chile
“The berry industry has shown modernity and a relevant contribution to the sustainable development of agriculture”
Researcher Víctor Hugo Escalona will address the effective use of postharvest technologies
Based on the use of low temperature (0 °C) management, there are currently a series of technologies to extend the life of blueberries in the post-harvest stage. The most used are Modified Atmosphere (AM) and Controlled Atmosphere (CA), which are based on modifying the composition of gases (O2 and CO2) during the storage and transport stage.
Improving the competitiveness of the Chilean blueberry, the great objective for the next season
On April 7 at the Monticello Conference Center, prominent exhibitors will discuss the challenges facing the industry and their possible solutions.
Juan Hirzel: "The arrival quality of Chilean fruit in the markets was lower than in previous seasons"
The speaker at the next International Seminar on Blueberries Chile comments on the current season and the future challenges for the Chilean blueberry industry.
Jessica Rodríguez: "There is little awareness of how valuable the times between harvest and cooling are"
The postharvest expert will be part of the next International Seminar on Blueberries Chile 2022, where her talk will deal with the greatest challenge of the Chilean industry: the preservation of the quality and condition of the blueberry until its destination market.
With the mission of repeating the success of Lima, the "World Blueberry Tour" arrives in Chile
There is confidence that the meeting in Chile will be as successful as its Peruvian counterpart, because the industry enjoys great dynamism, the demand for blueberry consumption continues to grow and the program of the meeting in Chile is very attractive for the industry players.
Minister of Agriculture of Chile will participate in the first meeting of the blueberry industry
The XVIII International Seminar of Blueberries Consulting will be the occasion to discuss the future of Chilean fruit growing and public or state support for the entire agro-export industry, among other topics.