UNITEC: the ideal partner to win addictive challenges in the global market
2021 is a year marked by great difficulties in the blueberry market, especially in terms of logistics and long distances due to problems related to the [...]
Opinion: The Danger of Inbreeding in the Blueberry Industry
We must never forget that the success of the blueberry spread throughout the world has been achieved in this way, collaboratively, transferring the maximum amount of information and knowledge regarding the different aspects of the crop, both in its agronomic and commercial phase, and considering everyone industry actors as protagonists with rights, at a higher or lower level.
Innovative technological application as a tool for managing the safety, quality and condition of berries
The commercialization of berries is a real challenge as they are highly perishable foods, with short periods of maturity and senescence. In general, the shelf life of berries is limited, due to softening and diseases of the fruits caused by fungi. Along with the global increase in the consumption of berries, Foodborne Diseases (ETAs) also increased, the causal agents being mainly identified: Norovirus and Salmonella.
BLUEBERRY VISION 3 FROM UNITEC: Constant research and innovation in the quality grading of blueberries
UNITEC, specialized in the design and implementation of innovative technological solutions for the process, calibration, quality classification and packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables, [...]
Oxyion®: Technology that protects more than 40% of Chilean blueberries, has inaugurated a new headquarters in Peru
Oxyion® improves firmness, along with reducing dehydration and rotting of conventional and organic berries.
Comprehensive Fertigation Concepts in blueberry cultivation
The Integral Concepts of Fertigation are the aspects that must be taken into account during the whole process of implementation, management and control of the system, to achieve high rates of productivity, quality and uniformity of the crops, collaborating to make the use of the water and the application of fertilizers by the crop.
Essential aspects in berry cultivation
The demand for berries has grown exponentially in recent years, as the consumption of berries is booming due to the many health benefits.
Tunnel Tek technifies the field of Latin America
Tunnel Tek is part of the family business Grupo CAOR, a corporate government with 52 years of experience.
NetBow ™ the innovative multi-drip irrigation arch for berries from Netafim ™ arrives in Mexico this 2021
At Netafim ™ we know the challenge that the production of high value crops represents, especially those that grow in substrate since even the slightest involuntary stress of the [...]
Stoller, hand in hand with blueberry growers in Mexico
Founded by Dr. Jerry H. Stoller, Stoller is a company that already has more than 50 years of worldwide experience in plant nutrition and biostimulation. It has [...]