Cherries, blueberries and table grapes: Chile exported 1,68 million tons of fresh fruit

According to the report, during the January-June 2021 period, a Value Variation Report was recorded, with 1% less volume and 4% more value than in the same period of 2020.

A report delivered by the Office of Agrarian Studies and Policies (Odepa), highlighted the significant export figures that different Chilean products have obtained in the international market, in which cherries, table grapes and blueberries have stood out, among other

USD 3.576 million FOB, that is, 1,68 million tons, reached the sales of fresh fruit during the January-June season of this year. Cherries, table grapes and the popular blueberries account for 75% of the total value of this category exported in the mentioned period.

Cherries, on the other hand, registered exports of 266 thousand tons, equivalent to USD 1.350 million FOB, registering an increase of 83% in volume and 41% in value, of which 91% of them were destined for markets in the Asian giant; China.

Table grapes in second position accounted for some 520 thousand tons equivalent to USD 847,5 million FOB, registering a decrease of -13% in volume and -17% in value, mainly destined for markets in the United States and China, which represented 46% and 16% respectively.

Blueberries, known worldwide for their important health benefits and pleasant taste, demanded worldwide, were in third place in the report, which, according to Odepa, obtained 95.938 tons equivalent to USD 481,15 million FOB, registering an increase in shipments of 14% in volume and value. Its main destination markets were the United States with 49%, the Netherlands with 19% and finally the United Kingdom with 10% of total Chilean blueberry shipments.

Processed and dried

The Chilean walnut with shell, hazelnut with shell and walnuts without shells have not lagged either with positive export figures registered during the same period of 2021.

With the first, sales of 29.940 tons and USD 80,47 million FOB were observed, mainly sent to markets in Turkey, India, Italy, and the United Arab Emirates. The hazelnut was exported mainly to Germany, Italy and Poland, representing 28% of the total exports of nuts. The shelled walnut, for its part, registered sales of 7.359 tons and was sold to Germany with 15%, France with 11% and Turkey with 9%.

Maria Jesus Frascaroli - Blueberries Consulting

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