Chile wants to export more blueberries to China

The ambassador of Chile in Beijing, Jorge Heine, affirms that the country wants to increase its exports of blueberries to China. “Blueberries are one of our biggest fruit export achievements,” Heine writes in an article titled “Betting on our superfruit in China”.

"Chile, where the blueberry arrived in the eighties, brought from New Zealand, has come to 'snoring' strongly in this product and today it is the largest producer in the southern hemisphere", says Heine, adding that, at present, the South American country cultivates some 30.000 hectares, which produce 90.000 tons of blueberries per year.

“With its counter-season production, Chile is a great supplier to the United States and European markets. Since 2012, it also exports to China”, continues the diplomat.

“In China, blueberry is something new. However, the large Chinese conglomerates, such as Legend Holdings, seeing its great potential, are betting on it, and are even investing in Chile”, declares Heine.

Heine explains that the high season of fresh fruits in China is during its main national holidays, such as the lunar New Year and the National Day, in October, since it is tradition to give away fruit.

“The per capita consumption of blueberries in China is still low, but growing. The Chinese consumer values ​​its nutritional value, health benefits and its status as an exotic fruit”, according to Heine.

Since both countries signed a free trade agreement in 2005, agricultural and forestry exports from Chile to the Asian giant have increased by 471% to reach 2.439 millions of dollars in 2015, according to a report by the Ministry of Agriculture published in August of 2016 .

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