Chile: Innovative product with blueberries surprises in Ñuble

The recommendation of business scholars to companies is that they always look for a product that is required by the market and that products are not made for the market. In the case of Proberries, an agribusiness company of production and export of berries from San Carlos, which will be presented to the community on Tuesday, the second path was chosen, and a tremendous impact and interest was achieved for a product made for the taste of the entrepreneurs Now the problem is how to make a volume to meet the great demand that is being created.

This progress was made in one of the purposes of this new firm, which is to ensure the value of the cultivation of berries, which the members cultivate in more than 50 hectares, through products with added value, making the surface sustainable over time. that has of sowings.

María Paola Esquivel is a Food Engineer at the University of Chile, who manages Proberries, a firm formed by six producers of berries, mainly blueberries, which two years ago started an initiative that sought direct export, to give more value to their product , scheme in which they started the 2015 year and that has given results with the shipment of fresh product abroad.

Like other producers, this group that is integrated by Agrícola 7 Hijos, El Prado Agricultural, Isabel Cabezas, Moisés Sepúlveda, Ricardo Rebolledo and Patricio Sepúlveda, has always looked for solutions that give value to the fruit that is not used for the first quality of export in fresh, and to little to walk they found one that adjusts in special form for this.

It is, according to María Paola Esquivel, who is the manager of the idea, of a blueberry dehydrated by osmosis -using the diffusion that takes place between two liquids or gases capable of mixing through a septum or semipermeable membrane- with first class honey. quality. The result is a kind of raisin, which in addition to having a pleasant flavor enhances the nutraceutical characteristics of this fruit and combines it with that of honey.

It was the flagship product at ChileWeek 2016 in New York, organized by Prochile, and has already agreed a first shipment by 500 kilos to the United States, although in fact, if they were more advanced in the industrial issue, contracts could have been finalized by 24 containers.

He says that they have also had contacts with representatives of the Chinese market, which has shown great interest in the product.

Continue innovating

At the same time they are developing another product, which is of a similar type to the previous one, a honey syrup with blueberries that according to the specialist has even more projections than dehydrated and is already being produced in an industrial line.

Among the future plans, we intend to work with value-added products in hybrid default, which will allow us to create a stability in fruits that, like the aforementioned, have a marked variation in international comparative prices.

In addition, the direct export of blueberries has been achieved, fulfilling that goal shortly after the birth of Proberries. In the industrial area, they have already made progress in developing two products that are expected to materialize in important businesses.



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