Chile: Cranberries will have a unique tool for export

From this year we can count on a new and unique tool particularly useful for the export of blueberries called Remote Container Handling (RCM, Remote Control Management), which is integrated in the refrigerated container and which allows the monitoring of the load from its origin to the final destination, delivering information regarding the atmospheric conditions of the container, the status of the energy supply and its geolocation online and in real time.

This was reported by SeaLand, a shipping company dedicated exclusively to maritime transport in the Intra-Americas market.

"We are taking an important step in providing a new level of visibility in the supply chain, delivering innovative and technologically superior tools that allow the exporter to maintain the quality of its product, avoiding unexpected situations for its customers", explains Ignacio Urzúa, Commercial Manager of SeaLand.

RCM automatically notifies the owner of the cargo contract if there is a possible malfunction or mismatch in the levels of gases or temperature of the containers, giving the opportunity to correct them, take preventive actions, or notify the state of the fruit to those who be the receivers of it.

According to estimates of the Cranberry Committee of Chile, USA. it will have a greater demand for this season, since it concentrates an 80% of the total export volume, highlighting the shipments to the Port of Long Beach on the West Coast, and to Philadelphia on the East Coast.

These tools of innovation will serve among other possibilities to increase the conservation period, since the blueberry cargo must be transported in refrigerated containers with controlled atmosphere technology, which allows to reduce the oxygen quantities and lower its respiratory rate, delaying the maturation of the product up to 40 days.


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