Chile: Ports of San Antonio and Valparaíso fully reactivate their operations after the end of the truckers' strike

Both ports began the dispatch of cargo stored in their enclosures

The ports of San Antonio and Valparaíso began the complete reactivation of their activities once the news of the end of the truckers' strike called by the National Cargo Transport Confederation (CNTC) and to which Fedequinta, which groups the region's transporters, became known. from Valparaíso. The stoppage lasted six days and kept more than 300.000 tons of grains with vegetable protein detained by ships on tour in San Antonio and various difficulties in Valparaíso.

“The San Antonio Port Company, the concessioned terminals and the local transport groups are already working on the total reactivation of the port. Within the next few hours, we expect to receive Chilean cargo for export and evacuate from the port area the merchandise that had been collected in the patios from the different terminals, ”said the manager of public affairs of the state company, Carlos Mondaca.

In addition, he added that the Hope motor ship is already working in Puerto Panul, "whose 34.000 tons of wheat should be fully unloaded this Friday at noon."

Regarding the local truck driver groups, Mondaca appreciated the quick reaction to resume land operations. “San Antonio freight forwarders quickly offered their help to decongest the yards for the cargo to arrive. As a port authority, we value the agreement that will allow Chile's most important maritime enclave to return to normal operation ”, he said. It should be noted that the port of San Antonio receives about 90% of the country's grain and protein unloadings for human and animal consumption. This exemplifies the importance of Puerto Panul in the national logistics chain.

Valparaiso Port

Meanwhile, the EPV Logistics Manager, Juan Carlos Mancilla, announced that after the end of the transport stoppage, Puerto Valparaíso restarted the dispatch operation of the loads to the clients. This is how Terminal Pacífico Sur (TPS) began dispatching empty containers to the warehouses from 15:30 p.m. today and in the case of TCVAl, the dispatch of the iron cargo that until today was stored in its concession area.

Mancilla announced that "for tomorrow we will continue with the dispatch of empty containers with the direct and deferred dispatch operation, as well as the dispatch of containers to extra-ports" and finally pointed out that from today the export cargo began to be received.

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