Chile recovers its export levels of blueberries

The shipment of Chilean blueberries during the 2014-15 season to international markets beat again, and by far, the historical record of the country, when exceeding the 86.400 tons, which is equivalent to an increase of 25%, according to data delivered in the report of the Committee of Cranberries of Chile, corresponding to the ninth week of harvest, and analysis of IQonsulting. This shows that the country recovers its growth trends, which had been broken by weather aspects.

"The Sixth Region, already completed, and the regions from the Octave to the south have exported to date the largest volume in the history of the industry, and have resumed the upward trend observed up to 2012 / 13. Regions X and XIV lead this growth with an 28% more than the maximum exported in 2010 / 11. Next are regions VI, VIII and IX with growth of 9%, 2% and 1% compared to 2012 / 13, respectively. In the case of regions IX, X and XIV, the main cause of this growth would be good weather conditions, especially the absence of rain", Specifies the cultivation report.

However, in volumes, the Eighth Region, which has the largest area of ​​blueberries nationwide, maintains the leadership with more than 27.000 tons, thus exceeding the Seventh Region in a row for the second consecutive season, which in the 2012- 13 led nationally with close to 34.000 tons.

The report states that although the season has not yet ended, there is no doubt that the Seventh Region will send a volume higher than the previous season, although lower than its historical maximum. The causes of the latter are diverse, partly a long-term effect of the 2013 / 14 frosts, which affected the twigs that would sustain the fruit of this season, added to the frosts occurred in October of 2014, which hit mainly the cordillerana zone of said region. They estimate, in any case, that if the next season is absent of important climatic events, the growth of the rest of the Sixth Regions to the south would allow to surpass by far the volume exported in 2012 / 13.

Regarding Ñuble, according to the latest official census of Ciren 2012, had 2.748 hectares of blueberries, and today they must be in the 4.000.


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