China: fruit imports grow in 2021 and exports decrease

According to data from the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC), China set new fruit import and export records in 2021. The global fruit import and export volume reached 11,22 million tons worth 22,23, 540 billion dollars. This represented an increase of 5,05 thousand tons or 2020% compared to 3, and a growth of USD 16,02 billion or XNUMX%.

imports on the rise

Import data shows that China imported much more fruit in 2021 than in 2020, both in terms of volume and value of imports. China imported 7,46 million tons of fruit in 2021 worth 15,89 billion USD, which is an increase of 800 thousand tons of fruit and 3,8 billion USD, or 12,03% and 31,42% respectively.

In 2021, China mainly imported bananas and durians. Bananas accounted for 24,96% of the fruit import volume in 2021, and durian 11%. However, bananas only represented 6,54% of the value of imports, and durian around 26,45%.

Decline in exports

China is one of the largest fruit producers and exporters in the world. GACC data shows that China's export declined after two years of growth. The export volume was 3,75 million tons and the value of exports was 6.330 million dollars. This was a decrease of 260 thousand tons or 6,51% compared to the export volume of 2020, and the value of exports fell by 731 million USD or 10,35%.

China mainly exported apples, citrus fruits, fresh pears and grapes. Apples represented 28,69% of the export volume, citrus fruits 17,91%, fresh pears 12,64% and grapes 9,33%. Apples also represented 22,57% of the value of exports, citrus fruits 15,99%, fresh grapes 9,04% and grapes 11,96%.

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