Five exclusive varieties of the BerryWorld Group, awarded in the Superior Taste Awards **

Five exclusive varieties of red fruits of BerryWorld® have received the highest score in the last edition of the awards Superior Taste Awards **. Specifically, these distinctions have highlighted the superior flavor of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry sold by this British company that has an R & D farm in the Huelva town of Cartaya.

El International Taste Institute has evaluated on this occasion more than 15.000 products from around the world in the category of food and drinks with a jury of prestigious chefs and sommeliers. Its strict tasting methodology makes the Superior Taste Award the most renowned flavor certification in the world.

Each of the exclusive varieties of red fruits of BerryWorld It was evaluated according to several factors, among which are: appearance, aroma, texture and taste. Raspberry BerryWorld® Jewel ™, The black berry BerryWorld® Midnight ™, the cranberry BerryWorld® Sundown ™ and the strawberries Sweet Eve 2 y Eves Delight 2 they received a prize Superior Taste Award with two stars.

“BerryWorld has always stood out for its strong commitment to varietal innovation,” explains Adam Olins, CEO of the BerryWorld Group. “During our trajectory of more than 25 years in this category, we have ensured exclusive access to some of the best varieties of red fruits in the world, which has made it possible for us to have expanded the range of products available to the consumer and contributed to the growth in the frequency of purchase in the category. We are constantly investing in varietal development, in this sector you cannot stand still. The foundation of our business is people and our products, which not only must taste great, but must also be sustainable: high yield for farmers, longer shelf life for our customers and great taste for the final consumer".

“I would like to thank our farmers and customers for their continued support and, of course, our employees, for their passion and dedication in this ever-demanding category,” adds Adam Olins.

The International Taste Institute

The Superior Taste Awards They are organized by the International Taste Institute formerly ITQI, based in Belgium. A jury made up of more than 200 members is chosen based on their professional career. These expert flavor professionals are members of the world's most prestigious Chefs and Sommeliers associations and their talents have been recognized in industry competitions, as well as by institutions such as The Michelin Guide or Gault & Millau.


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