"Commercially, this Seminar is being superior to the previous ones ..."

The testimonies of the attendees agree that the XVI International Blueberries Seminar, which is taking place these days in Guadalajara, is proving superior to the previous ones, due to the mass of attendees and greater commercial presence of the companies linked to the blueberry production process in Mexico.

The representatives of the participating companies are very satisfied with the large presence of assistants and above all because most of them are producers or people linked to production.

Ana Cristina García, representing Plantlogic, a company that has participated in previous meetings in Mexico, Peru and Chile, highlights the good number of visitors and the greater presence of companies offering services for the production of blueberries, so the commercial area The event is presented as more relevant than in previous occasions.

Plantlogic is a Chinese company with headquarters in Mexico and the US, which offers rigid pots, which are differentiated in the market by their innovative designs in their base, in a pyramidal form, which allows greater and better drainage.

Frequently asked

The first round of questions, which closes the first block of the morning, has been very participatory, which has allowed the rapporteurs José Abel López Buenfil and Juan Pablo Avendaño, respectively, to extend in greater detail with respect to their exposed topics.

Numerous concerns surfaced that pointed to what management or research exists on the plague mealybug, which affects blueberries in Mexico, and the products or measures to combat it. It also asked about the possibility of other pests, such as Lobesia botrana or Epiphyas, among other threats. The response of López Buenfil was very explanatory and he took advantage of congratulating those who raised these apprehensions since, "the only or greater secret that exists in this field is anticipation and prevention".

The other questions were addressed to the acquisition costs of traceability systems and the importance they have for consumers, allowing Juan Pablo Avendaño to expand on the different costs of these systems, depending on the need, and multiple benefits that these represent, especially for the commercialization of the agricultural product, in a world of consumers who demand to be more informed of each step of the product they acquire and consume.


Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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