Cranberry harvest begins in Concordia and there are good expectations

The producers highlighted the opening of new international markets as a positive factor for this 2019. However, concerns remain about the tax burden that blocks competitiveness and creates uncertainty.

Cranberry harvest begins in Argentina and producers in the Salto Grande region showed good expectations for the export harvest that begins in a few days.

"With the Chinese market, the possibility of carrying out an entire campaign showing our fruit opens up. It will be very difficult due to the tremendous tax burden that we have, such as withholdings, the drop in refunds, the tax on gross income that impacts the entire chain, the provincial and municipal taxes that impact the electricity rate and the Non-immediate availability of VAT to compensate immediately for the payment of other taxes. This has an impact on the competitiveness that we lack and that generates uncertainty for us to know if we are going to be able to take advantage of the benefits of the markets that were opened and on which we continue to work and of the infrastructure improvements that were made over the years," explained Alejandro Pannunzio, president of the Association of Blueberry Producers of Argentine Mesopotamia (APAMA) and vice president of the Argentine Blueberry Committee (Abc).

Regarding the estimated production for this year, the producer announced that the number of hectares in production is similar to the previous campaign "with the expectation of being able to harvest all the production that appears to be important."

Incorporation of new markets
The opening of China and Thailand were milestones that the sector capitalized in the last year. Regarding advances in this regard, Pannunzio said that the sector hopes to reach free trade agreements to compete on equal terms with countries such as Chile and Peru, if they have them.

Internal Market Growth
"The domestic market continues to develop, it is very important for our activity to have this growth, not only to locate a good part of our fruit, but also because of the enormous health benefits generated by the consumption of blueberries. Fortunately, many prefer it for its taste, many for its nutraceutical properties and basically all children love it ”, he assured.


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