Chilean Blueberry Committee projects a 6% drop in the season

The global supply situation with significant drops, mainly from Peru, has influenced the start of Chilean blueberry exports, with significant growth compared to last season in all markets.

In a projection carried out by the Chilean Blueberry Committee, the estimate of exports of fresh blueberries from Chile for the 2022-23 campaign points to a volume of 82,500 tons, which is equivalent to 6% less than the shipments made in the season. pass.

This projection has been constructed considering a reduction in surface area that has been removed from production and plantations of new varieties have been added, which are already beginning to show more relevant results in the volumes to be exported.


Regarding the production and export of organic products, it is expected to maintain a similar proportion to last season, which reached 13.170 tons, equivalent to 15,8% of the total. In the case of frozen products, it is projected that there will be a tendency to divert some varieties to this market segment, so exports will grow by 10%, to reach around 55.000 tons, according to the agency's projections.

El Niño

Regarding the El Niño meteorological phenomenon, which has significantly affected Peruvian blueberry production, it is estimated that it has not had a significant impact on the projected volumes. Until week 40, the dynamics of weekly departures consider the average of previous seasons, however, the behavior of the main climatic parameters of these weeks continues to be monitored to have more precision in the weekly estimate and possible changes in total volumes.

Demand in the markets

According to the report, the global supply situation, with significant drops from other origins, mainly Peru, has influenced the start of Chilean blueberry exports, with significant growth compared to last season in all markets. A reflection of this, according to the Chilean industry report, is the strong increase in air shipments (+221%).

Until week 40, the volume exported by the Chilean blueberry industry reaches 714 tons, which is equivalent to 213% higher than last season on this date.

Regarding destinations, 90% of that volume went to Asian markets and only 7% to those of the United States. 2% of shipments traveled to European markets and 1% to other destinations. A recovery in volumes is also observed in shipments of organic blueberries, which rise to 17 tons exported, all to the United States market.

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