With creative celebration, Chilean blueberries announce their arrival at the Jiaxing Fruit Wholesale Market in China

With music, dances, tastings and gifts the Chilean blueberries made their debut in the Fruit Wholesale Market of Haiguangxing Jiaxing. The activity is part of the campaign that the Chilean Blueberry Committee of Asoex, together with ProChile and ASOEX, are carrying out in the Chinese market this season.

The main importers, buyers and distributors from China attended the event, who together with a group of representatives of exporting companies and members of the Blueberry Committee, were able to enjoy the joyful activity.

Charif Christian Carvajal, ASOEX marketing director for the Asian and European markets, highlighted that in its first estimate, the Blueberry Committee estimated the total exports of these Chilean superfruits at 115 thousand for 2019-2020, and that In week 1-2019 (January 05), Chilean blueberry exports to China reached 8.107 tons, a figure that is 36,05% higher than the same period last season.

Carvajal stressed that in addition to this type of promotional actions in wholesale markets, activities are being carried out in retail (online and offline), as well as promotions through RRSS, e-commerce platforms, and other mass events and with Direct contact with consumers in different cities of China. "The objective of our actions is to promote Chilean blueberries as a perfect sweet and healthy snack to enjoy at all times, even to watch a movie in the cinema replacing popcorn," he said.


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