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The Trujillo 2022 International Blueberry Seminar culminates with a successful day

A crowded conference room heard about organic production and plant nutrition on the last day of the event.

"7 years ago, when we held the first International Seminar in Peru, we immediately realized that Peruvian producers would be protagonists of the global industry," were part of the words of the director of Blueberries Consulting, Jorge Esquivel, the company organizing the event. during the welcome to the Trujillo 2022 International Blueberries Seminar. 

The second day proved his words, where a large number of attendees listened to five talks by prominent speakers, in addition to actively participating in the rounds of questions; a characteristic that distinguishes the interest of the Peruvian producer for new knowledge.

The last day of the event was dedicated to organic production and plant nutrition.

David León, professor at the Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae and Doctor at Oregon State University, began the morning with the talk “Fertigation of blueberries: concentration of phosphorus, potassium and boron in the soil solution”. Little by little, the exhibition attracted the straggling audience, captivating the attention of the producers and ending up filling the conference room.

After his talk, Martín Cotos, Operations Manager of Control Unión, was in charge of delivering valued commercial information with his talk “Updating regulations for organic production in the USA and Europe”. This type of cultivation aroused great attention in the audience, given that the increase in the price of fertilizers and the growing popularity among consumers of sustainable products, has increased the interest of Peruvian producers in producing organic blueberries.

To complement the commercial information of Mr. Cotos, Antonio Gaete, international organic production advisor with extensive experience in Peruvian farms, presented the topic "Critical points to consider in the organic production of blueberries in Peru", presenting technical data to improve and promote the change towards this type of cultivation.

The ambient noise of conversations and negotiations characterized the coffee break. The blueberry tasting available in the commercial room stood out among the attendees, who appreciated the flavor and crunch of the blue fruits. 

After the break time, the questions accumulated for Gaete, Cotos and León, who for 20 minutes answered the public's concerns.

Emilio Merino, international advisor for organic berries, closed the organic block with the talk "Organic production in blueberries: management and biostimulation of the crop", where he presented his experience as a producer and consultant. He was followed by researcher Juan Hirzel, who gave a lecture on nutrition and quality with the talk "Nutrition strategies to improve quality attributes in blueberries." 

The day ended with the round of questions to the Chilean experts, again characterized by the high participation of Peruvian producers. 

Blueberries Consulting thanked the trust placed in its organization and the audience's interest in the program content of the event. The attendees watched a video summary of the event, before leaving the hall of the Hotel Costa del Sol Wyndham Trujillo. 

The Blueberry World Tour will continue throughout 2023. However, Blueberries Consulting's activities continue this year with the celebration of the next Blueberry Month in August. Check the content of the seminar and our upcoming events on our channel Blueberries TV and our social media

Catalina Pérez Ruiz - Blueberries Consulting

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