The XVII International Seminar of Blueberries in Seville takes place with great expectation

The XVII International Seminar of Seville takes place with a very concentrated audience in the talks of the rapporteurs, which takes place at the Meliá Lebreros Hotel in Seville.

The person in charge of opening the meeting was the Chilean researcher Jorge Retamales, who extended in detail about the physiological concepts in the production of blueberries, covering aspects such as light-shade in the growth and production of the plant, the coordination of aerial growth- radical of the crop, and specific considerations for its management.

The attendees were very interested in the knowledge shared by the researchers and experts, highlighting the interesting talk given by Jeffrey G. Williamson, from the University of Florida, who spoke about the management of low-demand cold blueberries in Florida, contemplating the aspects of pruning and necessary characteristics in the new varieties, and the use of rootstocks, obtaining a great interest of the assistants. 

The meeting after the break continues focused on the topics presented by the speakers and will focus on crop nutrition, beginning with the concepts presented by the Chilean INIA researcher, Juan Hirzel, who focuses on the topic of nutritional tools for obtaining quality fruit and then the talk by renowned academic and researcher Gerard W. Krewer, from the University of Georgia, who talks about organic and conventional nutrition in the production of "deciduous and evergreen" blueberries.

Notably, Dr. Gerad W. Krewer has been recognized by the University of Georgia, launching a variety of blueberries in his honor and naming it "Krewer", for recognizing that the researcher has been "a vital part of the early establishment and explosive growth of the blueberry industry in Georgia since the mid-nineteenth century and because its legacy of service to the industry will last for many years and is worthy of honor and emulation. "


Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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