With a complete analysis of the Mexican industry the first day was closed and the new day of the Guadalajara International Seminar begins

"I consider that the blueberry is the fruit that will grow the most in the next period and the cultivation in substrates will be preferred by Mexican producers," said Aldo Mares.

Aldo Mares, president of Aneberries, was in charge of closing the first day of the successful International Seminar of Blueberries in Guadalajara. Among the data provided by the business leader, he reported the great growth of the Mexican blueberry industry, which in a few years has reached more than USD 300 million in exports, increasing its volumes by 63.70% (31% increase in exports). last year) and reaching an area of ​​5500 hectares planted.

The president of Aneberries, an organization that groups all the exporters of Berries in Mexico, made a complete presentation of the industry in his presentation: "Current situation of blueberry production in Mexico, challenges and opportunities".

Among the challenges that the Mexican industry will have to face, said that "safety remains our main challenge" and placed the role of labor and dignified conditions of workers in the field of social responsibility, and compliance with the standards of sustainability in the care of the natural environment, as the main challenges that the Mexican industry must face positively in the short term.

The meeting was a complete success on its first day and has begun on its new day with the intervention of Clemente Sandoval, Production Director of Hortifrut Mexico, with the exhibition "Production curves for the Mexican blueberry".

"We can produce all year round, what we have to take care of is the profitability of the crop," Sandoval warns, explaining the advantages of a country that produces blueberries in regions ranging from 1800 msnm to the almost total absence of height above the level of sea ​​and in very diverse climatic conditions.

The executive of Hortifrut makes a complete report on the flows, values ​​and projections of cranberry cultivation in Mexico.


Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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