With a very intense Program from beginning to end, the Lima Seminar will be this March 20 and 21

Many elements will emerge that will give rise to different opinions, especially in the case of evaluating the complex Peruvian season and the repercussions of the climate crisis that it had to face.

Everything indicates that the XXIX International Blueberry Seminar in Lima It will be remembered as a meeting with a lot of debate, and at the same time a lot of knowledge regarding the different facets of cultivation, both in the presentations and in the conversation spaces, such as the Round Table or the question and answer rounds.

Round table

Indeed, the Round Table, in which the engineer and businessman Fernando Cilloniz and the director of Fall Creek for South America, Ricardo Polis, will participate, along with a representative of Proarándanos to debate the blueberry industry and its political and economic reality in Peru and the world will be a beginning in which many elements will emerge that will give rise to a conversation with different opinions, especially in the case of evaluating the complex Peruvian season and the repercussions of the climate crisis that it had to face.

It will be a day that will not give rest, since immediately the CEO of Qima, Ignacio Santibáñez, will analyze the arrivals of Peruvian blueberries to international markets in the last season, and then address issues related to the agriculture of the future, with the manager of R&D&I of Blueberries Consulting, Andrés Rodríguez.

Management and stress

Ending the morning session, the corporate manager of Valle y Pampa Perú SA, Amir Niño de Guzmán, will talk about the importance of management and efficiency in the new scenario of the blueberry industry, a very important topic to face certain unforeseen events, and closing the morning block, the director of the Department of Agricultural Production of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Chile, Reinaldo Campos, will give an introduction to the effects of abiotic stress on blueberries, a topic that will allow a better understanding of what happened in the season and the way to face it.

Genetics and technologies

The afternoon session will be dedicated to cultivation, with very important topics, such as: Varietal sensitivity to climatic effects: present and future of genetic development in blueberries and Influence of climatic conditions on blueberries: physiological and productive responses, presentations by by professors and researchers Patricio Muñoz and Gerardo Núñez, both from the University of Florida, USA, and closing the first block of the afternoon will be Miguel Ángel Cuevas, Business Development Spain & LATAM – Gremon Systems, telling about irrigation strategies to optimize resources : energy balances and biomass development in blueberries.

Closing the first day of the meeting in Lima, will be the renowned professor Fumiomi Takeda, speaking on Technologies in blueberry process lines.

Pests, nutrition and climate

Starting the second day in Lima, Douglas Rodríguez, Plant Health Manager EMEA Planasa, will analyze management strategies to Scirtothrips dorsalis, and the PUCV engineer, Eugenio López, will do so regarding monitoring technologies for efficient pest management.

Ending the second day of the XXIX International Blueberry Seminar in Lima, the Polish biotechnologist communicator, Michal Slota, will delve into nutritional strategies to reduce stress in blueberry plants, and closing the meeting that will be held at the Lima Convention Center ( LCC), the Mexican specialist and director of Research at Agroenzymas, Daniel Díaz, will give his talk on Fundamentals and use of bioregulators in blueberries in the face of climate stress. Both international specialists will face the last round of questions, which will surely be very participatory and intense, like the rest of the days, due to the interest of the topic addressed and the undisputed quality of the rapporteurs.

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