With a desire for reinforced growth, the International Blueberry Seminar in Guadalajara ends

After responsibly identifying the biggest shortcomings that the Mexican industry faces, pointing out the new challenges, opening up to the replacement of genetic material, advancing in the implementation of better management and learning about the experiences carried out in other countries, producers and industry mexicana reinforced their will to continue growing in a sustained manner and raise the quality of their fruit as an immediate objective to achieve greater competitiveness in the international blueberry market.

With the completion of the second day ends the XXVI International Blueberry Seminar carried out on the premises of the Hard Rock Hotel in Guadalajara this May 31 and June 1.

After a brilliant first day, in which several important moments were installed, such as the analysis of the state of the industry by the Mexican leaders, in which they clearly outlined the projections for the immediate future, in addition to the impressive exhibition on the comparative performance of new varieties in Peru and the different high-level technical knowledge presentations on crop nutrition and health, among other management. On the second day of the meeting, the presentations were mainly focused on the various aspects of the hydroponic management system. , technical irrigation, the proper use of the different substrates and a lot of information about the nutrition of the crop in its different stages, from its state of dormancy to its reproductive and harvest moment.

international reality

Another highlight of the final day was the exhibition of Amine bennani, about the reality of the blueberry industry in Morocco, which was very well received by the attendees, as they did on the first day with the exhibition of John Paul Bentin, on the reality in Peru, both presentations showed great generosity in providing information and data on the reality of blueberry cultivation in their countries, despite being players in competition with the Mexican industry.

collaborative environment

Also high moments in the meeting were the interesting rounds of questions after each cycle of presentations, where the specialists were able to go into detail and delve into the great topics exposed and others not dealt with.

In the meeting there was a permanent pleasant atmosphere of communication and collaboration between producers and businessmen from various parts of Mexico, and many foreigners, who traveled from Chile, Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Spain, Italy, United States, Holland, Australia, United Kingdom, Israel, India, among others those who were able to verify the great vigor, conviction and enthusiasm of the Mexican industry to continue growing, but in a controlled and responsible manner with the sustainability of the activity.

growth will

By way of conclusions, the Mexican industry is preparing to accelerate its varietal replacement process, adjust its management to urgently improve yields, place more emphasis on combating pests and diseases, promote the search for new markets, mechanize some stages of the process packaging and perfect agronomic management in the search for a fruit of better quality and good flavor.

The Guadalajara meeting was a true adjustment for the Mexican industry in its development and growth process, which can consolidate Mexico as a relevant player in the global blueberry industry and a major player in the world market.

The next meeting of Blueberries Consulting It will be held 12 & 13 of July en Trujillo, Peru, an event that generates great interest for being the main producing area of ​​the country.

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