Costa de Huelva: The largest plant in Europe for the processing of blueberries has Unitec as part of the team. In the land of blueberries, Blueberry 2 vision makes a difference

To the question, why has it been decided to buy the UNITEC lines? The President of the Andalusian Cooperativa Costa de Huelva, Cristóbal J. Picón Regidor, responds:

"Because they are the ones that have given us more guarantees after visiting and seeing all the lines that are in the market. [...] I would recommend that you bet on some lines of these characteristics, because they will give you Guarantees to 100%! ".

With these words the President of the Andalusian Cooperative Costa de Huelva (Coophuelva), has made clear the reason why he has chosen the technology Blueberry Vision 2 de UNITEC among all the technologies for processing and classifying the quality of blueberries present in the market.

He went on to explain that he is already very grateful to the Blueberry Vision 2, who in a short time it has allowed the Cooperative to reach all the objectives that had been marked, even if they were high:

"We have been successful with buying this line. It has met our expectations, although we thought it was very difficult! "

Coophuelva is an Organization of producers born in Lucena del Puerto, in the province of Huelva, area of ​​Andalusia very well known in the fruit and vegetable sector. Be part of the commercial group Onuba Fruit, leader in Europe for the cultivation and export of small fruit.


Coophuelva has relied on UNITEC, acquiring a plant to 32 tracks - 2 calibrators at 16 tracks each - which has the technology Blueberry Vision 2, which has caused her to become a central with one of the plants for the processing and classification of the quality of the largest blueberries in the world, able to process around 3.000.000 of fruits per hour, number that varies according to the average size of the fruit.

Technology Blueberry Vision 2 of UNITEC has literally revolutionized the way in which Coophuelva processed their blueberries, and has allowed them to solve the large number of problems that occurred in previous years and achieve hitherto unexpected results.

Even Bartolomé Fernández, Director of Coophuelva, has shown sincere gratitude for the technology Blueberry Vision 2 and has stressed that the investment in UNITEC technologies "they have no real cost" because in a short time they "recover" with the results they deliver.

"We have gone from having huge problems with quality until last season, in which the customer often refused to send our fruit, to claims almost zero this year. Now the customers of the chains want fundamentally fruit of the Costa de Huelva cooperative. And this is what is going to make the investment, in a very short period of time, no later than three years, be amortized.

Fernandez has emphasized the credibility that the final product processed in that way by the Cooperative, and that's why the Cooperative itself, has acquired in the eyes of the final Consumer:

"With the investment we have made with technology UNITEC, we and the partners also, we have verified that the credibility has been increased before our clients.

"Blueberries guaranteed to 100%" and improvement of Brand Reputation thanks to reliable suppliers.

The same opinion has José Rodríguez, Head of Maintenance of Coophuelva:

"At first glance, the benefits of the UNITEC line is that we sell a" total "quality blueberry. When an unwanted blueberry could sneak in before, With this technology all blueberries are wanted! [...] The final result of Blueberry Vision is a result where success for us is assured! "

Thanks to technologies UNITEC la Reputation of the Brand of the Cooperative has improved. All this has been possible thanks to the great reliability and precision with which Blueberry Vision 2 classifies blueberries, guaranteeing fruit homogeneity inside each container and consistency of quality in each supply.

Behind these results there is a lot, a lot of work. The work that the Team UNITEC undertakes every day to constantly innovate and always be at the forefront in order to guarantee its customers concrete results of improvement in fruit processing.


Although the processing and classification of blueberries is quite young, UNITEC He's been working on that for a long time now.

In fact, it has been the first company to innovate and to make technologies quality classification of blueberries, able to comprehensively analyze the entire fruit.

In fact, already in 2013 UNITEC thanks to its technical knowledge, to the experience of 94 years in the sector and to the direct and continuous dialogue with the market, it has anticipated the times and bet on the possibility of creating an excellent and coherent quality in the time of this fruit enormously beneficial for our health, realizing a prototype of electronic classification of the quality and responding thus to the new demands of the market, which demanded a homogeneous quality, without overripe fruit.

Today after 5 years of that prototype, the technologies UNITEC for the processing and classification of quality for blueberries, they have reached important goals thanks to the experience matured in the main blueberry markets, such as in Latin America, North America, Europe and South Africa.

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