CREAS: Produce healthy foods with crop discards

The deep water shortage that remains over time, causing a hydrological crisis in the Valparaíso region has had and will have serious repercussions on agriculture. We are at a time when the country is projected as an agri-food power, therefore, it is working on solutions that support the industry.

In this perspective, the Regional Center for Studies in Food and Health (CREAS) is developing a program of revaluation of horticultural waste, the discarding of crops, what the farmer bounces or does not take advantage efficiently and that in itself provide a large amount of vitamins, antioxidants, fibers and other types of biocomposites necessary for health and human consumption.

These elements can be extracted through various food technologies and could make it possible to take advantage of the total discards to generate new foods for the benefit of health, improving the competitiveness of the fruit and vegetable sector that has been largely affected by droughts.

"The regional agroindustry has lost competitiveness in aspects related to the weight of the export fruit, organoleptic and sensory value of fruits and vegetables, among other factors that negatively influence the price it has generated, as well as increasing the generation of fruit and vegetable discards", Said Alejandro Oses, manager of CREAS.

The program financed by the Regional Competitiveness Innovation Fund will not only help farmers in the Valparaíso region, in terms of education and training in nutritional and functional values ​​of fruits and vegetables, but will also allow a better use of food. through the generation of new products such as lyophilized prototypes (drying by sublimation), concentrated juices of fruits and vegetables at low temperature, organic flavors, pharmaceutical products, functional flours, dehydrated products of high nutritional standard, among many others.



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