Blueberry production grows in Mexico

Blueberry consumption continues to be strong, so much so that one shipper is starting production two months earlier this season. “It is due to the calendar of our new ranch in the south in Mexico. So, between our two growing regions, our Mexican season will run from late December to mid-May," says Doug LaCroix, director of sales and marketing at Family Tree Farms.

This means that the peak of the offer will be in March and April. Most of the sector's volume will come from central Mexico, followed by the north of the country.

LaCroix says the crop is looking good and with the addition of the new ranch, which is located about 800 miles south of Family Tree's existing ranches in Mexico, the volume has increased. The ranch is planted with the third generation of proprietary blueberry varieties. "It's in a more temperate climate, so we expect a good consistent crop in the coming months. It's much hotter on our northern ranch and harvests tend to peak in April," LaCroix details.

A two-level cranberry market

Meanwhile, the demand for blueberries continues to outstrip the supply of good fruit. “A two-tier market is developing as many of our partners are concerned about the quality of the blueberries that are being offered now and will be offered in the coming months,” says LaCroix, noting that modest price increases are expected. compared to last year.

Of course, Americans are still in love with their blueberries. “Blueberries have enjoyed tremendous momentum and growth in recent years because consumers are aware of their health benefits and expect a quality product year-round,” explains LaCroix. “A consistent supply is not always available, which is why we are excited about 2023. In addition to expanding the supply, we are moving to our third generation of proprietary genetics. These varieties are always at the forefront of the sector and raise the bar in terms of size, crispness and flavor. These characteristics will be instrumental in driving the next stage of demand for blueberries."

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