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Global growth and success: the reunion of the Peruvian blueberry industry

It will be the opportunity to learn about and acquire new products and services available in Peru, analyze new varietal alternatives, evaluate production techniques, and learn more about technology related to blueberry cultivation.

Two years have passed since the first cases of covid-19 in Peru and Latin America, a time in which the Peruvian blueberry industry has seen an upward trend in the sale and export of its product, becoming the first exporting country of the berry. Read more information about Peruvian industry.

Producers, exporters, investors, suppliers, among other actors in the Peruvian blueberry production chain have not been able to meet to celebrate, comment, reflect and improve their performance; until now.

On March 9 and 10, at The Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center, the XIX International Seminar on Blueberries Peru 2022 will be held, sponsored by the Association of Agricultural Producers Guilds of Peru (AGAP), Proarándanos, the trade association for export and commercialization of blueberries from Peru; and the Association of Exporters (ADEX); important guild groups essential for the production of the fruit.

The need to have an opportunity to discuss the challenges imposed by the pandemic and celebrate the achievements of the Peruvian blueberry have motivated more than 50 leading companies to participate in the event, creating an important networking network, necessary after years of face-to-face commercial contact. lost due to the pandemic.

The attending companies are at the forefront of advances in blueberry production, bringing the latest products and services available in Peru to present them and give attendees of our event the opportunity to purchase.

These products have been developed to meet the new and more demanding sales conditions of distributors, and the new habits of consumers; In general, high standards in size, flavor, texture, bloom and arrival condition.

The problems of the maritime logistics chain, the pre- and post-harvest strategies to maintain the good quality and condition of the fruit for longer periods, the new varieties and their characteristics to maintain competitiveness in the global market, are some of the issues that have emerged in this time of social distancing, and that in the next seminar, academics and researchers will expose the attendees.

Among the audience stand out Daniel Bustamante, president of Proarándanos and Commercial Manager of Agrícola Cerro Prieto; Fernando Méndez, Vice President of Proarándanos and General Manager of Hortifrut Perú; Alejandro Fuentes, president of AGAP Peru; Lieneke Schol, Vice President of AGAP Peru and Vice President of Transformation, Innovation and New Business of Camposol, among other prominent Peruvian professionals and businessmen.

The reunion is growing in expectation on the part of the different actors. There are many international product and service companies that have joined the enthusiasm of agricultural companies and blueberry producers, which guarantees that the event will be important for the global industry and that the World Blueberry Tour, a tour of the main blueberry producing countries until 2023, will start in Lima on the right foot.

If you want to be part of the important event, you can find more information about the program and buy your ticket here

Catalina Pérez and Martín Carrillo - Blueberries Consulting

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