The import trial period is over and the Peruvian blueberry can enter Canada without permission

Since September of the 2015, when the trial period began, Peruvian exports to the North American country totaled US $ 1.02 million.
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) confirmed that the import test period established by the Government of Canada has ended. Therefore, from now on Peruvian exports of blueberries to that market no longer require import permits or inspection of the 100% of shipments.
The information was received by the Commercial Office of Peru (OCEX) in Toronto, an office under the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur). It was further reported that the regular inspection rate for fresh blueberries is between 20% to 30% of global shipments to the province of British Columbia, and 5% to 10% of global shipments to the rest of Canada, which is the one applied to Peru since July of the 2016.
Peruvian exports of blueberries to the Canadian market have added US $ 1.02 million since September of the 2015, month in which the trial period of Peruvian imports of the antioxidant fruit by the North American country began.

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