Cradle of Silversmith: The Fresh Picking arrives at the sector of the berries, night collection system

noticia_15052015_3Cuna de Platero SCA remains at the forefront of the berries sector with Fresh Picking, the innovative collection system for fresh fruit that the cooperative has launched during the days of very high temperatures. "With Fresh Picking we give an optimal and efficient solution to the collection of our fruit in the days that are expected to be very hot. With the application of this innovation we improve the quality and freshness of the fruit, as well as the working conditions of our workers, avoiding the hottest hours. It is a step towards the total quality model: all processes are accelerated, which allows us to reach supermarket shelves in nearby destinations sooner, the fruit does not deteriorate during collection and it needs less camera hours to cool it before handling, which means significant energy savings", Explained Juan Báñez, manager of Cuna de Platero, during the presentation of Fresh Picking.

With the aim of collecting fresher fruit and better quality in very high temperatures days, during the months of April and May mainly, the cooperative has carried out a pilot test of collection at an earlier time. For this, has designed with the collaboration of Guru Energy, engineering company specializing in energy efficiency located in the Science and Technology Park of Huelva, a lighting equipment based on LED technology and lithium batteries: lightweight, low consumption, long life , that emits an intense light and that improves the visibility of the fruit. During the pilot test carried out by Cuna de Platero since February of 2014, of which very satisfactory results have been obtained, farmers have expressed the advantages of this novel collection system, which allows for more pleasant working conditions, avoiding the hours of more heat to the workers and improving the freshness and quality of the fruit, which in this way is collected at an average temperature of 15ºC, increasing its consistency.

José Antonio Márquez, vice president of Cuna de Platero, said during the presentation that "Fresh Picking is a revolution in the berry sector because it changes the way of doing things in the field, to give a better service to the client, at the same time as we get more pleasant working conditions. In Cuna de Platero we are clear that to obtain different results we must do things differently. To be more competitive we have to differentiate ourselves and if something characterizes our cooperative is innovation. We work every day to offer consumers the freshest and most natural fruit and with this new collection system designed for very hot days, we take a big step towards one of our main objectives: excellence".

With the implementation of Fresh Picking, Cuna de Platero continues betting on continuous improvement through research, development, innovation and sustainability; keys to remain as a leading cooperative in the sector and consolidate its position in European markets.





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