Deep Agro, the startup that solves agricultural problems with artificial intelligence

The startup Deep agro was the winner at the local level of ZurichInnovationChampionship and it will compete at the regional level in the global contest that invites startups to present their projects with the aim of seeking bold and innovative ideas to be able to develop them together, with the aim of protecting the next generations.

Deep agro It is a company that was born to solve problems of agriculture with artificial intelligence and ComputerVision. His team is made up of developers, engineers and designers committed to building a smart future for agriculture.

Chosen among 11 other finalists, Deep Agro is based on the development of an intelligent system to detect weeds and perform selective herbicide application at any stage of crop growth. In this way, it allows save 70% of agrochemicals depending on the amount of weed in the lot and thus generating a minor impact on the environment.

"What inspires us most as a group is the purpose we have to protect people and inspire confidence. The most powerful thing about this contest is that we talk about sustainability and specifically protect future generations. Today, knowledge is built collectively and in collaboration, astratups and entrepreneurs who would like to build value with us were invited", said Mauro Zoladz, Head of CustomerProposition of Zurich Argentina and one of the juries of the contest in Argentina.

In this second edition of the ZurichInnovationChampionship, the focus was on startups with commercially viable technologies and innovative business models that help protect the next generation, having the opportunity to be crowned as a winner at the local level and move on to the regional round of the tournament together with 25 other winners selected. Then, if Deep Agro is a regional winner, it will have the possibility to compete globally in the third quarter of the year where 8 teams from around the world will compete. Three winners will have the opportunity to work with Zurich on a local driver in order to scale it globally.

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