Global demand exceeds supply in blueberries and it is necessary to double its growth

It is likely that, with the same surface area, or with slightly greater growth, the objective of doubling current yields in this decade will be achieved.

Despite being the newest fruit in the world's agricultural basket, blueberry consumption currently covers almost the entire planet in its most varied cultures and regions. The demand for the consumption of blueberries has spread rapidly throughout the world, preceded by the fame of being a healthy fruit and classified as a superfood for the human diet. Furthermore, its market has diversified and is mainly required as fresh fruit, but also as an ingredient in multiple forms of food, from juices, jams, frozen foods, liqueurs, pastries, gastronomy, and even for pharmaceutical use or as a base for food products. cosmetic industry.

world figures

The figures of the current state of the blueberry industry are summarized in a global plantation area that covers 248.550 hectares, which produce 1.860.060 tons, of which only 529.210 are derived from processed fruit, so more than 1 million 300 thousand tons are destined for fresh fruit for consumers.

Although the figures are large and tell us about a thriving and consolidated industry, with a global presence, they are no longer enough to satisfy the growing global demand for blueberry consumption and, according to all specialized projections, the global blueberry industry will have to double its production in the next five years, reaching 3 million tons.

new genetics

This exponential growth in volumes is not equivalent to the growth that should be expected in the planted area, because the great development of the genetic industry provides varieties that guarantee high yields, in addition to a better fruit caliber, so it is likely that, in the same area, or in a slightly greater growth, the objective of doubling current yields in this decade is achieved.

The topic was developed in depth and with abundant information by the commercial manager of FallCreek México, Ricardo Márquez, in the past International Blueberry Seminar held in Guadalajara.

"It seems to me that today the demand is at least double what the supply is, so I think we have a long time left to continue growing based on that demand, especially that it is a demand that is coming." very strong in Asian countries, obviously also in Europe and not to mention in North America, but it is the Asian countries that will be leading the way in this demand," he commented and added: "At the rate we are going, I think it will take us something like that "It will take about five to seven years for us to double the current supply and exceed 3 million tons produced and shipped to the different markets."

Peru, productive power

In these global figures, China stands out, with 78.000 hectares and 525.000 tons produced; United States, with 48.000 hectares and 277.000 tons produced; and Peru, with 22.000 hectares and 225.000 tons produced, although in the case of the latter country it should be noted that the yield per hectare is much higher than that of all its competitors.

We will have the opportunity to learn about the global market and specifically the current state and details of the Peruvian blueberry industry with precision and updated data in the next XXXII International Blueberry Seminar, which will take place in the city of Trujillo next July 10 and 11, in the halls of the Hotel Costa del Sol Wyndham Trujillo Golf.

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