Douglas Rodríguez, from Hortifut: "The Mexican industry is moving towards diversification"

"We are in search of physical, biological and biorational tools, as well as the use of intelligent technologies"

On the final day of the XX International Blueberry Seminar held at Expo Guadalajara, Douglas Rodríguez, National Health Manager of Hortifrut México, gave the talk: "Identification and management of the main pests and emerging diseases for blueberries in Mexico".

In his presentation he focused on the main pests and emerging diseases for blueberries in Mexico and the main aspects for their prevention, identification, management and integrated control, encompassing cultural, chemical and biorational strategies.

Its exhibition is the product of several studies carried out and the knowledge acquired by the experience of more than 8 years working with blueberry health, in addition to what has been observed in different blueberry producing countries in the world.

Based on your experience, what are the projections for the Mexican industry? 

  • The Mexican industry is moving towards diversification, increasingly seeking the integration of non-chemical strategies in integrated pest management in order to comply with the plant health of the crop, but at the same time with the increasingly demanding requirements of the international market and the food safety and security.

We are looking for physical, biological and biorational tools, as well as the use of smart technologies and equipment calibration to optimize applications.

What are Hortifrut México's plans?

  • Well, continue growing with the cultivation of berries, based on research and development, as well as innovation to be able to grow in a sustainable and efficient way.

How was your experience at the Seminary?

  • The experience was positive. I think that both the theme and the exhibition met the expectations of the listeners, who showed a lot of interest and asked various questions. The fact that it was in person greatly favored the interaction between companies, producers and technicians

The international meeting went smoothly, with strict sanitary protocols and great attendance, consolidating itself as the best event in Latin America for the international blueberry industry. Demonstrating the ability to bring together the most important and best exporting, producing and marketing companies of this fruit, as well as the most important suppliers of the supply chain, and of course the best technicians, who massively assisted in the search to update knowledge and share experiences in the different production techniques of the crop. This edition, in Mexico, was the first in-person event in the industry since the beginning of the pandemic.

Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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