Driscoll's inaugurates “Altos” refrigeration center in Jalisco

The new Driscoll's refrigeration center will benefit more than 25 thousand workers and 355 direct and indirect jobs will be created

Driscoll's, a world leading company in the berry market committed to the Mexican countryside, took a momentous step by inaugurating its new “Altos” refrigeration center. This innovative center becomes a catalyst that will trigger significant growth in the region since not only will the highest quality berries be produced, but solid labor relations will also be cultivated, generating 55 direct jobs and more than 300 indirect jobs.

Miguel Ángel Curiel, VP of Driscoll's in Mexico, and Sandor Nagy, global director of operations at Driscoll's, hosted the event and welcomed the workers and the community.

This great project is born from the current growth of the area, a key region for strawberry production, thanks to its excellent climate and agronomic conditions. The new refrigeration center, has 22 thousand square meters and becomes the second Driscoll's in the state.

Photography Driscoll's Mexico

With an investment of around 13 million dollars, the aim is to benefit around 25 thousand workers in the region, of which 40% are women, creating 355 direct and indirect jobs within the municipality and an annual economic benefit of 15 million pesos.

Altos, is a refrigeration center that, in addition to helping with the Driscoll's production process, is also a ecological project and low impact.

Its cutting-edge technology allows “zero water” cooling, that is, the cooling is done with air, avoiding the consumption of water and/or non-renewable energy.

In addition, the refrigerator has a capacity of up to 42 thousand boxes per day, with a saving of 13% in the shipping cycle time of precooling, being 50% more efficient than a normal tunnel. It is estimated that this center will save 700 cubic meters (m3) of water per year through the use of these cooling systems.

Likewise, it will have solar for electrical power and a system of rainwater collection, with a capacity of 70 m3, for use in green areas and general use.

“This new Refrigerator demonstrates the renewed commitment Driscoll's has to its community. From the beginning, we have had in mind not only business growth, but also the positive impact we can have on the people around us. We believe in sustainable development, in being an active partner of well-being and the cooler'Altos' is the testimony of this. We would like to thank everyone who put in the hours of work to get to this day, we are very excited for what the future holds and committed to continuing to be a pillar for the industry and the community. Together, we build a path towards a prosperous future for all,” commented Miguel Ángel Curiel, VP of Driscoll's in Mexico.

The event was also attended by government authorities, such as Ana Lucía Camacho, Secretary of Agriculture of Jalisco, and Noé Plasencia, municipal president of San Ignacio Cerro Gordo, as well as members of industry and academic institutions.

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