USA US: Chile is an important player in the importation of blueberries

"At the moment we are concluding our program of Chilean blueberries“explains Mike Bowe of Dave's Specialty Imports. Dave's imports blueberries from four different countries during the US off-season. “Although we represent blueberry growers from all over the United States, imports are our strengthBowe points out. “The Chilean import season has been good, but the final phase has been affected by the cold in the Northeast of the United States. The demand has been horribleBowe points out. It has resulted in less than average movement and considerably lower prices. “Prices have dropped between an 20 and an 30% compared to last year".

noticia_02042015_3Cranberries have a summer image

Traditionally, the demand for blueberries is reduced during the winter months. Although the product is available in stores 52 weeks a year, its consumption is not as strong during the winter months as it is during the domestically produced summer months. The recent cold temperatures that have affected the Northeast have kept everyone indoors, further reducing demand. “In recent years, the benefits of blueberries for health have greatly increased their demandBowe explains. “If we could change the image that consumers have that blueberries are a spring / summer fruit, consumption has the potential to increase more. Chile is a large producer of blueberries and could easily manage an increase in consumption in the United States during the wintersays Bowe.

Reduced national supply

Blueberry production in the United States has just started and the supply is very tight right now. Dave's Specialty Imports works with growers across the country. “Although we consider ourselves one of the largest blueberry importers, we are working on the development of our national programs“. Dave's blueberries are distributed in different parts of the United States. “The highest concentration is available in Tennessee, Florida, Georgia and northern California. We also sell in the Northeast and the Midwestadds Bowe.



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