USA US: Importation of South American blueberries is reduced

The low temperatures in Argentina have caused shipments to be reduced to the United States. It is expected that production will return to normal in the coming weeks and, consequently, that the prices accompany.

"Right now, Argentina's blueberry volumes are very small," says Bob Von Rohr, of Sunny Valley International. «The weather has not been favorable, but that happens in all growing areas. The temperatures have dropped. Right now production is slow, but it will recover.". The October 8, a box of medium-sized and large cranberries from Argentina cost between 32 and 34 dollars at the port of entry to Los Angeles. At the port of entry in Miami, the prices were between 32 and 36 dollars per box of medium and large blueberries.

“The prices are very good, but they can change in the blink of an eye,” explains Von Rohr. "Volumes are expected to increase in the next seven to ten days, and prices will decrease as supply increases". Argentina's imports will continue to arrive until the end of the year, and Von Rohr says that this slump early in the season has kept overall volumes low for the import season.

“Due to the weather, the start is slow and with volumes lower than expected,” says Von Rohr. «But it is a matter of time before the situation returns to normal. When the weather improves, everything will go faster.



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