Chilean cranberry wants to reach Taiwanese homes

This Asian market is made up of a population close to 23 million inhabitants, which offers important commercial opportunities for Chile, since its total imports are significant.

There are three key factors that show the clearest opportunities presented by the Taiwan market. The first of these is its quality as a net food importer, since more than 40 percent of the food it consumes is imported, because its status as a mountainous island limits its productive capacity. A second point is the Taiwanese consumer, who has migrated to a product that has a clear identification of quality of origin, this in order to avoid products harmful to health, which is being widely supported by the authorities.

Finally, a third aspect is that the Taiwanese economy has migrated to a service economy, publishes Simfruit. In the specific case of berry consumption, its growth has been explosive in the last 5 years, led by blueberries with an increase of more than 360 percent, which is mainly due to the promotion developed by the United States, in reason to increase awareness of the health benefits of these fruits. Today the United States is the main supplier of blueberries in Taiwan with a 60 percent share.

In this way, the Committee of Blueberries of Chile, represented by the Association of Exporters of Fruits of Chile AG, ASOEX, through his director of Marketing for Asia and Europe, Charif Christian Carvajal, met with the director of the Commercial Office of ProChile in Taiwan, Rose Marie Bedecarratz.

During the meeting with, important opportunities and strategies were visualized to promote the presence and consumption of Chilean blueberries in the Taiwanese market. This is how, jointly, we visited various retail chains, to coordinate promotional actions on point and advertising. We also met with promotional agencies to see how to organize these programs”, pointed out Charif Christian Carvajal.

Bedecarratz added: “Taiwanese are great consumers of fresh fruit, they consume about 132 kilos per inhabitant. Chile ranks as the third supplier of fresh fruits exported from the Mediterranean climate, preceded by the United States and New Zealand”.


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