The blueberry is the star of Macfrut 2023 that takes place this week in Italy

The meeting is made up of three days with leading international technical and scientific experts, together with important world players in the production and global market of blueberries.

This week the 40th edition of Macfrut, the important international fair for the fruit and vegetable sector, is taking place in Italy. The meeting takes place in the premises of the Rimini Expo Center from May 2 to 5, and in its program blueberries will not only be the symbolic fruit of the 2023 edition, but also the star of the event, since the International Blueberry Days.

The meeting is made up of three days with leading international technical and scientific experts, together with important global players, such as Driscoll's, one of the main producers of nurseries and fruits, and the Australian Costa Group, a leading breeder and producer of blueberries.

World benchmark

Macfrut is the only supply chain fair for professionals in the fruit and vegetable sector, with a strong focus on business and also on other technical crop content, which is why it is set to become a world benchmark in the sector.

The event is possible thanks to a project co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), and lays the foundation for a breakthrough, because it will be a larger trade fair, with two new exhibition halls, it will also have strong international growth with 30% foreign professionals and 30 international presentations, and will have more content, including sessions led by experts in the field, to ensure a high level of expertise while looking at future trends.

The meeting is coordinated by Professor Bruno Mezzetti from the Marche Polytechnic University, together with Thomas Drahorad from NCX Drahorad, and will be complemented by technical visits to a test field and advanced training.

Many new additions are planned for this 40th edition, such as the International Blueberry Days, which will be dedicated to the main opinion leaders of the blueberry supply chain.

The genetic

Another novelty is the International Exhibition of Nurseries and Varietal Innovation, which will serve as a specialized meeting point for nurseries, breeders, producers, experts and researchers who operate in a strategic field for the development of modern fruit growing. In this aspect the exhibition will be interesting Driscoll's global blueberry breeding and genetics program, by Jim Olmstead, from Driscoll's (USA).

Starting the conference, on Tuesday May 2, the “Blueberry School” is held in Ancona, reserved for researchers and technicians.

world symposium

On Wednesday, May 3, the "Blueberry Symposium" will take place, which will address key scientific issues for the industry and cultivation, such as genetics, nurseries, nutrition, cultivation and propagation techniques, and qualitative, nutritional and cranberry biomedics.

In this conference, which is essentially scientific and technical, which will be led and moderated by Dr. Bruno Mezzetti, he will present Jorge Esquivel Manterola, director of Blueberries Consulting, who will develop the paper: Characteristics of blueberry plants adapted to different edaphoclimatic conditions.

Principal actors

In this day on Wednesday, in addition to the technical aspects of cultivation, it will also be possible to learn part of the reality of cultivation in Portugal, with the talk Blueberry production in Portugal, which will be dictated by Pedro Brás de Oliveira, from the National Institute of Agricultural and Veterinary Research, or from China, through the presentation Blueberry cultivation in China, presented by Cheng Liu, from the Liaoning Academy of Agricultural Sciences (LAAS).

It will also be possible to learn about the general situation in Europe, with the exhibition Blueberry breeding program at FEM: an integrated approach to innovate through new varieties for Northern and Southern Europe, presented by Lara Giongo, from the Fondazione Edmund Mach (IT), among many others, which include presentations on various aspects of cultivation in Turkey, Poland, Australia, Hungary or Italy, as host of the different international speakers who will participate with their presentations.

On Thursday, May 4, the different players in the global blueberry industry will focus their attention on market and production trends, involving the world's leading producers and exporters.

Finally, on Friday, May 5, a "blueberry field" will be installed within the Macfrut fair, for technical visits led by experts.

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