The Peruvian blueberry receives the entry permit in Brazil

Good news for the national agriculture, Brazil with more than 200 million inhabitants will be a new market for Peruvian blueberries, said today the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, José Manuel Hernández.

He noted that the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil approved the phytosanitary requirements that Peruvian producers must meet to export this valuable fruit to the Brazilian market.

Hernandez said that this achievement has been possible thanks to the work done by Senasa, the strategic arm of the Agriculture and Irrigation sector, whose officials maintain a good binational collaborative work with the Brazilian authorities, which has allowed the development of phytosanitary rules and actions for the benefit of the agriculture of both nations.

He emphasized that the geographical location of Peru and the possibility of transferring the blueberries by land, through the South Interoceanic highway, gives us a privileged position in front of other countries to supply all of Brazil.

"The servers of the Senasa field are already prepared for the sealing of the containers that will carry the first loads of blueberries to Brazil, an action that validates the loads of fruits as 'pest free', a seal that avoids possible manipulations or alterations during the trip, thus ensuring high safety standards"Said Hernandez.

This new milestone in Peruvian agro-export is added to that achieved a few months ago, when Peru began exporting blueberries to China, a country that has more than 1,400 million consumers, after subscribing the phytosanitary requirements protocol between both nations during the Forum of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC for its acronym in English) conducted in November of 2016 in Lima.


As for the agricultural productive part, in this month of April, only in the Callejón de Huaylas (Ancash), they passed through sanitary inspection some 5,936 kilograms of fresh blueberries destined to Holland and the United States.

The start of the 2017 campaign for the export of blueberries has generated great expectations among producers, since this crop was not affected by the climatic phenomena presented in the region.

It is estimated that this year the exports of Peruvian blueberries will exceed the 232.9 million dollars that were reached in 2016.

The United States will be the main destination, with almost 130.7 million dollars, followed by the Netherlands (52.7 million), the United Kingdom (29.6 million) and Canada (4.9 million), according to Customs figures.

It should be noted that Brazilian consumers already enjoy tangerines, tangelos and chia from Peru, and it is expected that the phytosanitary requirements for granadilla will be approved in the coming weeks.

The custard apple, tomato, dairy, eggs, prawns, capsicum, among other products, are still in discussions.


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