The South American blueberry reaches the moment of maximum harvest

"We are entering the moment of maximum production in Chile. As a result, US retail chains are transitioning to larger packages." explains Lauren Del Rosario, from Donio. The optimal weather conditions that Chile has had spurred the offer. "By January 1, the volumes will begin to arrive, which will allow the distribution chains to launch promotions“Adds Del Rosario.

Peru gears transition periods

Chile is the main blueberry supplier to North America at this time of year, with a supply sale running from mid-November to mid-March. “Chile is in the pilot's seat, helped by the Peruvian offer“, says Del Rosario. “Peru has a strong autumn program, but focuses mainly on the transition of the producing regions of the northern hemisphere to the south, a time that is known to have a scarce market“. Chile mainly transports blueberries by ship, while Peru relies on the option of air shipment. Peru exports blueberries by air when FOB prices are at a level to support the cost of the flight.

Cranberries are not yet a staple

Blueberry production is still growing rapidly, but Del Rosario does not expect this development to cause demand problems. “Blueberries are not yet a staple like strawberries and I think consumer demand will be able to keep up," he says. “There are still parts of the world that do not have access to blueberries“. In the domestic market, consumption figures for the blueberry category are still increasing, but Del Rosario sees great growth opportunities within the processed product category because the fruit has been labeled a superfood. “The categories of juices, frozen and dehydrated are expected to continue growing", Add. To enjoy blueberries at promotional prices all year round, El Rosario recommends buying them fresh when they are on sale and frozen because they keep very well.

Donio offers a blueberry program throughout the year. In the North American season, the company has cultivation programs in New Jersey, Michigan and British Columbia. In winter, blueberries come from Chile and Peru.


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