The consumer is number one when it comes to berries

Berries are booming, but how does the industry ensure that consumers will continue to enjoy these fruits in the future?

During the Global Berry Congress in Rotterdam, Wyard Stomp, Commercial Director of Driscoll's EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) noted that "the consumer is number one", The company said in a statement.

During his presentation, Stomp said he is convinced that close cooperation with retail partners around the world will keep the category fertile.

"Together we can seduce consumers to eat more berries and maximize the impact of the category"He said.

Following on the same line, Sussanne Hounsgaard, Manager of Fruits and Vegetables at the retailer Dansk, pointed out that the presentation of the berry in the store is the first step to get the attention of the consumer.

On the other hand, Marieke Appel, Marketing and Communications Director of Driscoll's EMEA indicated that quality is playing a key role in promoting the consumption of berries.

"A strong brand is able to offer high quality products throughout the year and adds excitement to its berries"He said.

"By focusing on the needs of consumers we are able to develop delicious, beautiful and fresh varieties, for which consumers are willing to pay".

"The question is not whether consumers are ready for more berries, but rather whether the industry is willing to intensify their game"He concluded.


Source: Fruit Portal

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