The growth of blueberry will continue to increase during the next five years

El Cranberry growth will continue to increase over the next four and five years and the main poles where there will be greater demand will be Europe and China. The first continent because it is still a market with a lot of potential, in terms of consumption of cranberry, and China because it is a very important and future country for the marketing of berries.

These are some of the conclusions that the green sector company, Grupo Projar, has noted during its stay at the 2017 Berry Congress held in Rotterdam. During this event, it has also been possible to see how hydroponics, in which Grupo Projar, one of the main substrate manufacturers in Spain, is a specialist, will take more and more strength for these fruits, over the next few years.

Hydroponics can meet the demand for horticultural products throughout the year and is highly recommended for the cultivation of cranberry. In this sense, the hydroponic cultivation of the cranberry responds to the demands of the farmers since it provides quality plants in a short time with a great increase in productivity. In this way, it provides numerous advantages with respect to traditional cultivation.

Thus, in the case of cranberry, for its needs of a slightly acid soil, this system is adequate. The advantages obtained from this type of crop are that the container allows to reduce the planting frame, since the plant develops independently with a suitable substrate, without depending on the fertility of the soil. In this way, production is doubled per unit area.

Another advantage of the hydroponic culture is that the container is designed for an optimal drainage, a fundamental characteristic for cranberry that is very sensitive to excess moisture.

Along with this trend, it has been possible to see first-hand how in the coming years there will be a large import of the varieties that already exist in other countries. However, organic farming, in this type of fruit, is having a very slow development.

As the Product Manager of Grupo Projar, Álvaro Villalba, highlights, "The advantages of hydroponic cultivation, and the development that it will have in the coming years within this type of fruit, is patent, since it offers numerous advantages such as increasing the density of production, increasing the quality of the fruit and the control over the conditions of the crop that is maximum".

In this sense, Villaba explains that "although there are areas of the planet and countries such as Mexico and Morocco where the implantation of this type of crop is practically 100%, in other areas its growth is still beginning. Its implementation at a global level is still very low but it is growing continuously and at a good pace every year".


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