Hydroponic cultivation achieves 50% more production in the first year in the blueberry

The advance of the harvest allows to maximize this type of crop to the farmer who can enter the market with the first production and obtain greater profitability of the fruit.

The hydroponic crop achieves yields of up to 50% more production in Kg / ha during the first year of production with respect to the same product in soil. In addition, plants begin to produce earlier when this system is used, which allows the market entry date to be advanced. These figures have been verified by Grupo Projar after more than eight years of experience and research in this type of crop and product in the main producing countries worldwide.

This production growth, during the first year, allows the farmer to maximize hydroponic cultivation by obtaining a larger quantity with which to enter the market and, added to an advance on the date of entry, can therefore obtain a higher profitability of its exploitation

Thus, during the first year of production, the blueberry obtains up to 15.000 Kg / ha against the 10.000 Kg / ha at most of the cultivation in soil, while the second one is located in 20.000 Kg / ha against the 15.000 Kg / ha and the third of the 20.000 Kg / ha versus the 18.000 Kg / ha.

The aspects that most influence the success of hydroponics are aspects such as the frequency of irrigation, which will vary depending on the conditions and the irrigation system, the climate, the type of water and the conductivity. In addition, the pH of the substrate, fertilization, in which it is essential to carry out a fertigation plan, and the use of anti-weed discs, essential in very rainy areas, are also essential.

Production increase

Hydroponic cultivation has advantages over the soil since, although the second one is optimal, it allows to market a sufficient crop during the first year. Which is a clear advantage for producers who will observe an increase in production with more plants per hectare and higher yield than in earlier phases. Because it should also be noted that with hydroponic techniques the planting frame is reduced by increasing the number of plants per unit area.

In addition, hydroponic techniques are ideal in regions with heavy and basic soils and the substrates provide a high aeration capacity that favors good root development. The special containers designed for the blueberry also favor the correct growth of the plant, as it is a very sensitive crop to excess moisture, so that with hydroponics the perfect drainage is achieved.

Therefore, with the hydroponic system, as explained by the Commercial Director of Hortofruticultura of Grupo Projar, Álvaro Villalba, “the root system of the plant develops faster in pot than in soil, it also achieves greater control, uniformity and therefore both a more homogeneous production and better control of the parameters ”.

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