The dynamic market for plant genetic improvement

"In a challenging scenario for the exporting fruit industry, the field of plant genetics takes on special relevance, since the quality of the plants largely determines the productive potential of the crop"

The fruit is required in the main markets of the world and along with this the demands of consumers grow. This reality, coupled with growing competition in the markets, requires plant varieties to be increasingly productive, in quantitative and qualitative terms, and adaptable to new climates and soils in order to compete successfully in an increasingly demanding international arena.

High standards

In this challenging scenario for the exporting fruit industry, crossed by these high standards of demand by consumers and by the new sanitary regulations inherited as a result of the pandemic, in addition to the increasingly aggressive impact of climate change and the scarcity of water resources , adding the almost total absence of labor for rural activities, the field of plant genetics takes on special relevance, since the quality of the plants largely determines the productive potential of the crop.

This theme will be addressed from different perspectives and different realities, both blueberry and cherry cultivation, in the XXV International Seminar on Blueberries & Cherries to be held this April 13 at the Monticello Conference Center in Chile.

Because in a global and informed market, consumers are looking for a good experience, which is made up of a good taste when tasting the product, a certain firmness of texture to the touch, a good appearance and size, and an optimal condition on arrival, which it helps this good consumer experience to be repeated and maintained over time, increasing demand.


New varieties are required to be resistant to pests and diseases. That they are very little demanding of water resources and that they can be productive in conditions of extreme drought.

In addition, in the current perspective of scarcity of surface suitable for agricultural activity and the growing demand for food, the different cultivars are asked to have a high yield in the equation of surface and number of plants per hectare.

variety market

So, research and improvement has become a permanent action to raise the quality of the plants and their performance. The quality, size, texture and flavor of the fruit; plant protection against diseases and pests; greater resistance of crops to situations of extreme heat or cold; and even making the cultivar perennial to be able to produce throughout the year in an evergreen crop, are qualities that the genetics market already offers, for which reason it will be addressed in detail at the International Seminar on April 13.

In this context, fruit projects must get used to a permanent and earlier varietal replacement of crops, due to the high demands of consumers, the need for greater competitiveness in the markets, the impact of climate change and other challenges. which constitutes a scenario of great opportunities for the increasingly dynamic market for genetic improvement in the agro-fruit industry.

This subject is dealt with in depth in the Blue Magazine 2023 Magazine, you can review it at the following link:

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