Blueberry Industry Analysis:

The “human factor” is not in the data

Strategic analyzes are based on measurable sources, and this is very correct, but the human factor is not in the data and, according to experience, it is a fundamental factor.

The blueberry industry has worldwide social recognition that identifies it as a profitable, modern, thriving activity that produces healthy and very dynamic fruit. An efficient and almost totally technological industry.

This universal prestige has been achieved by the perseverance of industry leaders in its embryonic state, which gave it this modern and effective physiognomy. And then, with the help of the new theoretical and practical elements that were integrated into the different areas of the industry in their relationship with the markets and, above all, with consumers.

The blueberry industry is an industry that was early associated with new digital technologies, using them in practically the entire production process. Welcoming scientific work from the beginning, that of the academy and that of specialized researchers, applying with conviction each of these research results, both in the orchard and in all the areas or processes studied. It is an industry that is managed and developed with data.

The analysis

Analysts explain the reasons for the failures relying on data as the only source to diagnose reality, and intersect production variables, harvest handling, transportation times, logistical problems, or any measurable factor that justifies or explains the problem. Curiously, it is the same method and the same resources that analysts use to explain the successes.

According to the experience of the various meetings that Blueberries Consulting carries out in the different blueberry-producing countries, both in its International Seminars and in local training, technical tours in the field and other activities related to cultivation, the human factor is the main element that explains the success or failure of productive projects. This is clearly demonstrated by the reality of the industries that have grown the most, those that have been characterized for years by training their workers and field technicians at a professional level, sending them in numerous delegations to the different seminars and meetings held by the industry, in order to acquire new relevant knowledge and more useful information for their work.

fundamental factor

As a result, the workers and technicians of the industries that lead the region are by far the best prepared on the continent and have a great depth of knowledge, compared to their peers in competing countries.

In summary, strategic analyzes are based on measurable sources, and this is very correct, but the human factor is not in the data and according to experience it is a fundamental factor. Training and professionalizing human resources is what makes the difference.

Martin Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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