The manager of Costa de Huelva, Bartolomé Fernández, will speak with a presentation at the XVII International Blueberries Seminar of Seville

El XVII International Seminar Blueberries Spain 2019 It is in its final stretch although you can still get access to it with economic benefits of 240 € + VAT, starting next week the price will rise to 260 €. This congress that in its first landing in Spain was held in the municipality of Punta Umbría, Huelva, as a production area of blueberry par excellence in Spain, this time it will be held very close to land in Huelva, in Seville. It will be next 27 of June at the Meliá Lebrero Hotel in the Andalusian capital.

This year Huelva participation is highlighted by the intervention of the manager of the Costa de Huelva Cooperative of Lucena del Puerto, Bartolomé Fernández, with a presentation on The Impact of technology in the process of blueberries, in which he will be accompanied by the commercial manager of Unitec, Nour Abdrabbo. This intervention is scheduled for the 15.20 hours of the 27 in June.

Following this, at the 15.50 hours the other intervention of Andalusian technicians is planned, as is the case of the professor of Protected Agriculture at the University of Almería, María del Carmen Salas who will talk about hydroponic production in blueberries.

The work day will begin with a presentation by the international researcher Jorge Retamales Who will talk about the physiological concepts for the production of blueberries: Light-shade, coordination of aerial-radical growth and consideration for management.

Will follow Jeffrey G. Williamson, professor and specialist in Horticulture of the University of Florida, who will approach the Management of the blueberries of low cold requirement.

The second block of content will be in charge of two other specialists in the field such as Chile Juan Hirzel and the American Gerard W. Krewer. The first is a researcher from the INIA Institute of Chile and the second is part of the University of Georgia and will address the nutritional tools for quality blueberries and organic and conventional nutrition in the production of this fruit, respectively.

After each one of the blocks of content, the corresponding rounds of questions for the specialists are planned since the Seminar is directed specifically to the technical teams of the companies and production cooperatives.

After lunch will intervene, about the 14.40 hours Kathryn Van Weerdhuizen, specialist in markets, with a conference on mechanized harvesting of blueberries. The following papers are those corresponding to the manager from Huelva and the professor from the University of Almería and the Seminar will close two other interventions.

From 17.20 hours Richard M. Bastias, an associate professor in fruit growing at the Chilean University of Concepción, will talk about the production of blueberries under cover, and then Gerard W. Krewer will return to intervene to close the day with a presentation on Regulators of growth in blueberries of low cold requirements: GA3, CPPU, Dormex.

The day promises to be of great interest for the sector of blueberry producers in Spain.

The XVII International Blueberries Seminar will be held on Thursday June 27 at the Hotel Meliá Lebreros Sevilla and the inscriptions at:

Telephone: +56 2 2942 6572

Mobile: + 56 9 4241 2089  


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