The “pushgay”, the new Peruvian berry

The Center for Research in Genetic Resources and Biotechnology of the Department of Biology of the National Agrarian University La Molina (UNALM) is identifying the wild berry known as "Pushgay" or Peruvian blueberry.

The berry was found in the Cajamarca region and reached the center a year and a half ago. “We are introducing the material, but as it is a bush, we have to set it in the field ”, informed the head of the study and director of the center, Antonieta Gutiérrez.

In that sense, he explained that they perform a work of domestication of the berry, which involves knowing their biology and genetics. To this end, they plan to study crossings and select individuals. "We think reach the molecular level ”, he said, even when he noticed that "this not it's a short term job ”.

Source: Red Agrícola Magazine

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