Peruvian blueberry company opens operations in Mexico

The genetic developer, producer and exporter of blueberries Inka's Berries has just opened operations in Mexico, in partnership with a local businessman in the pharmaceutical sector, Carlos Gereda, founder of the company, told Día1.

As required, 70 hectares of blueberries will be planted in Valle de Santiago, in Guanajuato, northwest of Mexico City. "We want to complement the Mexican window that goes from the fortnight of December to the end of March or the beginning of April," Gereda explains, after commenting that in Peru the harvest begins in mid-July and extends until the end of the year.

Regarding the investment they will make in their new place, they indicate that it will amount to USD 3,5 million, only in the installation of the fruit tree. The land belongs to his partner, so it will not be necessary to acquire new land, says Gereda.

Betting on Mexico will take them beyond the fresh fruit business, which accounts for 80% of their turnover, as the firm is preparing to launch “producer clubs”, which will allow them to globalize their genetics. They will start in Peru and Mexico and in 2021 they will land under this scheme in Huelva, Spain, reports the executive.

"The strategy is to have 10% of the production of each country," he says and points out that in Mexico there are some 5.000 ha, in Huelva other 4.000 and in Peru, near 9.000 ha.

The interest in Huelva is that a developed blueberry industry already exists. There are 4.000 hectares and they are looking for new alternatives for genetic change because they have had many problems with varieties that are already established, ”Gereda replies.

By 2021, the firm plans to double its estimated turnover for this year, after completing the 200-hectare plantation in Huacho, north of Lima. According to Gereda, they have not yet assessed the impact that Mexico and Spain will have on their billing in the short term.


According to data provided by the Chilean Blueberry Committee, the 2018-2019 season for exporting Chilean blueberries was 110.794 tons, a volume slightly higher than what was exported last season. Froml In total, 13.301 tons corresponded to organic blueberries, which experienced strong growth in this campaign of 33% over the previous year.

Regarding the distribution of markets, North America represented 58% of shipments, Europe an 29% and Far East an 12%. In terms of volume growth, Europe grew by 6.600 tons, Far East by 303 tons, while North America decreased by 6.167 tons.


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