Chilean exporting companies increase 7% in 2014 and highlights the manufacturing sector

The number of Chilean companies that exported their products to 2014 reached 8.195, the highest number since 2008. At the same time, this number represents an increase of 7% with respect to the 2013 or, in other words, there were 551 new companies that started exporting from last year.

According to figures from the Commercial Intelligence Department of ProChile, the 2014 was mainly marked by the emergence of small emerging companies that began their commercial relationship with abroad. With amounts that reach up to US $ 2 thousand, these firms experienced an increase of 28% with respect to the 2013. This, despite the fact that they barely had an interference of 5,6% in the total shipments.

Likewise, of the 8.195 exporters in 2014, an 21,7% of them (1.178 signatures) exported for amounts exceeding US $ 1 million. However, this was the only group that did not grow with respect to 2013.

Rafael Sabat, director of ProChile, recognized that although it is true that there was no increase in companies that exported values ​​of more than US$1 million, "as a country we should start with something and for us the growth of 7% is a good sign. It is in line with the goal of the President, Michelle Bachelet".

In turn, he expressed satisfaction with the notorious increase in SMEs in the export sector. “We want to continue adding more exporting companies, small and medium, to the group of companies that are already exporting. Since the exchange rate favors us, we hope that this 2015 is better than the 2014", said.

On the other hand, Hugo Baierlein, foreign trade manager of the Sociedad de Fomento Fabril (Sofofa), considered the increase in exporting companies as “good news”. However, he remarked that "The big challenge is how we do to devise a strategy so that there are not only more export companies, but also to better diversify the products. We need a strategy for more sophisticated markets".

Main destinations

According to ProChile statistics, the United States is the main destination of Chilean exporters in number. In 2014, the firms that made deals with the main economy of the world increased almost 6%. This, to a large extent, is a product of the upturn that the North American economy showed.

However, as a region as a whole, Latin America continues to be the geographical area par excellence for Chilean products. Last year, Bolivia highlighted, with an 25,3% more than new marketing companies.

Sabat recalled that Chile has 53 commercial offices distributed throughout the world. The United States stands out, which has the largest number of offices. “The growth of the United States favors us a lot, mainly in the field of construction, better treated wood, packaging. In addition, today is the main market for our SMEs product of the growing Hispanic market".

Regarding shipments to Latin America, the president of the Association of Metallurgical and Metalworking Industries (Asimet), Juan Carlos Martínez, said that the region “He has always been an important receiver. We export dairy products, beverages, manufactured and industrial products as well".

He adds that the increase in exports to Bolivia "is explained by the significant economic growth experienced in the last year, of 5,2%".

Featured Sectors

The sector that most increased the export companies in 2014 was manufacturing, with an advance of 9,7%, going from 4.929 companies in 2013 to 5.408 last year. The wine sector also had a significant increase, of 9,6%.

Martínez was surprised by these data, which he described as "Good news“, despite the fact that he admitted that the figure surprises him. “Actually we are in a fall mode and unfortunately we have bad news in what was the year and what we see for the future“he warned. He also explained that "Physical sales increased, while stocks decreased. That could explain a rise in production".

Among the items that showed negative figures are seafood (-7,7%), minerals (-4,9%), forest industry (-2%) and agricultural products (-0,2%).

Regarding the agricultural sector, which has shown constant growth over time, Ronald Bown, president of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (Asoex), explained that the falls are due to last year's frost: "Having stopped exporting 50 millions of boxes due to frost affected our participation and growth".

Lastly, Bown also highlighted the high incidence of port strikes in Chile, which delay and spoil the harvest. “Chile has to put on its long pants and must create a port institutionalism that is innovative, with a long-term vision, that eliminates problems. We are interested in stability“he insisted.


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