Mining companies promote sowing of blueberries in Áncash

Projects worked by Sierra Exportadora with the mining companies Lincuna and Antamina demanded an investment of almost S /. 7 million.

A total of 166 families from the Ancash region benefit from the production of blueberries and peaches, thanks to a strategic alliance between Sierra Exportadora and two mining companies located in the area, which required an investment of S /. 6.800.000.


On the subject of cranberry, Sierra Exportadora worked with the mining company Lincuna, in which an investment of S /. 1.000.000 for the sowing and cultivation of 5 hectares of blueberries, located in the district of Coris, Province of Aija (Ancash). 72 families of the Nuevo Amanecer Campesino Community benefit from this area and technical assistance is provided. Sierra Exportadora supported in the commercial articulation the national and international market.

The investment in this project includes irrigation, supplies, plants, labor, technology and records, which has generated the sale to the local market of 500 kilos of blueberries per week, at an average price of S /. 22 the kilo. Currently, work is being done on the sowing campaign (November-December), in order to export fresh blueberries to the United States and Europe.

Meanwhile, with an investment of S /. 5800.000, the peach production project is developed with the support of the Antamina mining company, in favor of the Cooperativa Agraria del Valle de Fortaleza, located in the district of Antonio Raymondi- Raquia, Bolognesi province, where 94 families benefit.

Sierra Exportadora has been supporting a specialist professional to generate added value and diversify production. Similarly, it is based on the commercial articulation of both the domestic and export markets, mainly to the Ecuadorian market.

The executive president of Sierra Exportadora, Alfonso Velásquez Tuesta, explained that these two projects are part of a total of eleven, which this multisectorial agency has been working with several mining companies. In this context, he indicated that the objective of these projects, under the scheme of public - private partnerships, seeks to promote two traditional activities that are also fundamental for the development of communities, such as agriculture and mining.



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