In Chile, this April 11, two successful industries met

At the Monticello meeting, the programs aimed at the blueberry and cherry industries included talks on the most diverse topics, with interesting conversation panels and rounds of questions, in which the main leaders of both industries participated.

With two rooms operating in parallel, the blueberry and cherry industries met to discuss the technical and commercial issues of both crops, in the context of the XXX International Berries & Cherries Seminar that this was done April 11 in the Monticello Conference Center, in Chile.

The behavior of the seasons, the climatic challenges, the new technologies available, the great genetic offer and the commercial opportunities for each product, were recurring themes in both programs that were developed at the Monticello facilities. A venue that was covered with stands and exhibition facilities of the most diverse companies and services linked to both crops, and in general, to the development of the agro-export industry.

Photography Blueberries Consulting: Ruy Barbosa – President of the Chilean Fruit Blueberry Committee, Ricardo Polis – South America Regional Director, Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc., Andrés Armstrong – Director of the Chilean Fruit Blueberry Committee.

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“The Chilean industry has the experience, logistics and human and technical capabilities to face the challenges and thereby regain leadership in the market. For this we must plan better, adjust our costs, make the activity transparent, correctly choose the plant material, improve our management, optimize human and technical resources, and train ourselves continuously," he diagnosed. Jorge Esquivel Manterola, director of Blueberries Consulting, in his opening remarks.

“To help face these challenges, at Blueberries Consulting we research, generate and disseminate information and knowledge on different platforms and countries. We currently have administrative and commercial offices in Chile, Peru, Mexico and Spain. We have a large group of collaborators in different countries and regions, who nourish us with their latest research, essays and knowledge,” he said in his welcome speech.

“In 2024, our International Blueberry Seminars will continue to support the industry in Chile, Peru, Mexico and Morocco. Additionally, from May 8 to 10 we will be co-organizers of the Blueberry Arena at Macfrut 2024, in Rimini, Italy. And as part of our vision to continue opening opportunities, very soon we will take the World Blueberry Tour to China, organizing the first International Blueberries Consulting Seminar in this Asian giant,” He announced to those present, calling them to participate.

Photography Blueberries Consulting: Claudia Soler – Executive Director of the Chilean Fruit Cherry Committee, Manuel José Alcaíno – President of Decofrut, Jorge Astudillo – Production Manager Valle Arriba SpA, Francisca Barros – Postharvest Advisor, Trio Kimun Technical Manager.

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Then, at the time of inaugurating the Cherry Show program, the manager of the consulting firm Blueberries Consulting declared to the attendees:

“The long experience we have as participants and platform of unconditional support for the blueberry industry in the main producing regions of the world, we want to put it to the benefit and disposal of cherry cultivation, collaborating in the expansion of its consumption globally and helping to promote market diversification”, and added:

“Our commitment is to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and give visibility to the new varietal alternatives available for Chile and which will become, in the near future, one of the strengths to raise quality standards and levels of competitiveness,” Jorge concluded. Esquivel in his message to the cherry industry.

Blueberries Consulting Photography: Ruy Barbosa – President of the Chilean Fruit Blueberry Committee and Country Manager North Bay Produce


From then on, both programs followed one another with talks on the most diverse topics, presented by national and foreign specialists, with interesting conversation panels and rounds of questions in which the main leaders of both industries participated, led by Claudia Soler, executive director of the Chilean Fruit Cherry Committee, and Ruy Barbosa and Andrés Armstrong, president and director respectively of the Chilean Fruit Blueberry Committee, along with the different participating specialists and researchers.

Blueberries Consulting Photography: Jorge Esquivel Manterola – Director Blueberries Consulting, Specialist in Agricultural Chemistry and International Advisor


The next meeting of World Blueberry Tour will 08, 09 and 10 May en Rimini, Italy with the Blueberry Arena – Macfrut, the most important Agricultural Fair in Italy.

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