Projected by the president of the consulting firm Inform@cción, Fernando Cillóniz Benavides

In 2023, Peruvian agricultural exports will total around US$ 11.500 billion

( In 2023, Peruvian agricultural exports would total around US$11.500 billion, which would mean an increase of 10% compared to the US$10.421 billion registered in 2022.

This was projected by the president of the consultancy Inform@cción, Fernando Cillóniz Benavides, who pointed out that, if the prices of the agricultural products that Peru offers in the international market continue this year, the sector's shipments could be close to US$ 12.000 million .

He explained that this growth is due to the fact that Peru imports irrigation material each year to modernize between 20 and 25 agricultural hectares, which would mean greater crop production for around US$1.000 million, that is, Peruvian agro-exports increase US$1.000 million annually.

blueberry displaced grape

Fernando Cillóniz stood out in 2022, the blueberry became the main agricultural export product of Peru, displacing the grape to second place.

He explained that last year shipments of blueberries from Peru totaled US$1.389.376.133 per 276.477.834 kilos (US$1.205.457.632 per 206.581.068 kilos in 2021), while avocados reached US$1.362.342.513. for 544.577.667 kilos (US$ 1.255.331.384 for 513.470.087 kilos in 2021).

As can be seen, blueberry shipments grow in volume in the order of 30% per year on average, while blueberry shipments increase at a rate of 10% per year.

"Indeed, blueberries grow much faster than grapes, which is why blueberries will clearly consolidate as the number one agricultural export product and in 2023 shipments of this fruit will exceed 300 tons," he said.

Regarding the avocado, he said that this year there will be greater production (and therefore greater export volume). In addition, due to the lower production of avocado-producing countries such as South Africa, Morocco, Israel, Spain, the United States and Chile, prices in the international market would rise, so that Peruvian shipments of this fruit would reach close to US$ 1.200. millions.

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