Prometeo Sánchez:

“In the Peruvian crisis, and now in Mexico, 80% is a consequence of management and only 20% is climate”

“We have very vegetative varieties in a tropicalized environment”

The International Blueberry Seminar held in Guadalajara on June 5 and 6 resulted in a high level of participation. The leaders of the Mexican industry faced with great transparency and capacity for analysis the complex moment that the blueberry and berry season in general is going through.

Analysis and projections

In the individual presentations and in the collective conversation panels, in which the main leaders and specialists of the industry participated, the conclusions were very similar: The climate effect will be a permanent factor that must be faced; genetics is part of the solution; management must be more professional and effective; and training must be continuous and permanent.

In addition to these challenges, the unanimous conclusion is that the industry is sustainable as a business, because demand maintains constant growth and already exceeds supply in the world, so in five years it is estimated that production will have to double. , reaching figures close to 3 million tons.

XXXI International Blueberry Seminar Mexico 2024

The commercial and agronomic

There were high-level presentations, which addressed the commercial aspect of the activity, analyzing opportunities in the markets, price fluctuations and financing alternatives. In the agronomic aspects of the crop, those related to correct nutrition, the fight against pests and diseases and adequate management in the face of aggressive climatic events, mainly those of high temperatures, were mainly discussed.

Bad management and weather

One of the last presentations was that of Professor Prometeo Sánchez, who focused on the relationship between cultivation and high temperatures, lack of humidity and radiation. In his presentation: “Management of climate stress to improve health, productivity and quality in blueberries,” the professor provided tools to improve management and make them more effective to face the climate threat.

In conclusion and due to his field investigations, he stated that the past crisis that the Peruvian industry had to face, as a result of the El Niño Phenomenon, and the current situation of low production in the Mexican season, have been mainly the responsibility of due to poor management and not due to the intensity of climate change.

Meeting in Peru

His opinion was very impactful for the Mexican producers and will probably be much more influential for the Peruvian producers who will meet next XXXII International Blueberry Seminar, which will be held in the city of Trujillo on July 10 and 11 at the Costa del Sol Wyndham Trujillo Golf Hotel.

“In both Peru and Mexico, 80% is due to management and only 20% is due to the climate,” he maintains and explains: “We have very vegetative varieties in a tropicalized environment and we do not make adjustments in the nutrition program, it is "He did the same thing as in previous seasons," he stated, referring to the management errors that according to him would largely explain the productive declines in both seasons.

As we see, this is a discussion that is ongoing and that must be resolved to better face future similar challenges, so the Trujillo meeting will be a good opportunity to settle it in the best way and make it a productive debate that collaborates to the industry and Peruvian producers.

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