In Monticello the Chilean, Peruvian and Mexican blueberry industry will be thoroughly analyzed

In April, three of the leading exponents of the Latin American blueberry industry will meet in Chile to analyze in depth the reality of each country and its prospects for long and short term development. This important meeting will take place on the occasion of the XVIII International Blueberries Seminar.

Andrés Armstrong, Director of the Blueberry Committee of Chile, Miguel Bentín, Director of Proarándanos, of Peru, and Juan José Flores, Director of Aneberries, of Mexico, will be the three exponents of the Latin American blueberry industry that will share visions and diagnosis on the current reality of the industry, and what we should expect in the near future for each country and the region in general.

In the event, which will be held at the Monticello Event Center on April 16, each one will share their local experiences with attendees from different countries and regions, participating in a conversation about the weaknesses of each industry, its advantages and opportunities, and the strategies designed or to be designed to recover or maintain competitiveness in each of them, with the aim of inserting themselves in a better way or at a higher level in the increasingly demanding fruit export market.

The Seminar of Monticello will set the tone for a conversation that will surely continue in subsequent events, in Lima and Guadalajara in May, because the invitation is to stop to analyze the current state of the industry and visualize future development paths, commenting on the topic: “Current situation of blueberry production in Chile, Peru and Mexico. Challenges, opportunities and future perspectives ”, which will open the April 16 meeting.


It is very necessary to approach reality with different perspectives, from different realities, because we clearly face common problems that we must analyze together. Not only for Chile has been a difficult year in 2019. Most countries in the region and the world have had to face a similar reality, so the tendency is to find common response paths to face the possible threats.

The requirement of higher quality and better condition of arrival of the fruit, which implies implementing a change of varieties, the execution of new management, or the use of new technologies applied to the process, appear as necessary and urgent tasks to be implemented to recover competitiveness in some cases. Achieving higher levels of efficiency at different stages of production emerges as an unavoidable need in the case of others. 

In this perspective, the seminar program will address the use of rootstocks in blueberries, sharing different research and experiences in the US, a topic developed by the American expert Jeffrey G. Williamson, from the University of Florida. 

Varietal change will be deepened through grafting techniques, by the Spanish expert Juan Carlos García Rubio, researcher of the Regional Research and Development Service (Serida), and will be exposed on organic and conventional nutrition in the production of deciduous blueberries, by of the American researcher Gerard W. Krewer of the University of Georgia.

The renowned INIA professor and researcher, Juan Hirzel will share his extensive knowledge in the use of biostimulants and soil / plant system improvers in the cultivation of blueberries and closing the program will deepen the post-harvest process, also collectively with three views Experts

This aspect of the productive process, so vital for the countries farthest from the big international markets, will be analyzed by the researcher at the University of Talca, Claudia Moggia, the post-harvest consultant, Jessica Rodríguez, and Professor Bruno Defilippi, researcher at INIA and international consultant, who has led numerous investigations on the different aspects of the blueberry post-harvest process in its different varieties and management.

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